The Art of Partnership: Shared Success with Japan

Partnership is the art of collaboration to achieve results that benefit all. We now live in a world where the power of digital connectivity has opened up markets and unleashed fresh opportunities. Open collaboration is key to paving the way to positive results. It builds world-class standards through partnerships with leading or reputable names. Partnerships also widen markets by forging new opportunities to achieve shared success – not just for business – but for the good of all consumers.

Huawei works with over 80 Japanese companies

The procurement value with Japanese vendors reached 4.35 billion USD in 2017, with double digit growth expected in 2018. So how does Huawei and its reputable world-class vendors, such as Sony, Toshiba or Kyocera, collaborate through openness to achieve shared success? This short video explains how.

Huawei Japan

Huawei Japan started in 2005. Today, we have 4 offices and 3 R&D centers across Japan. Amongst our 950 employees, 75% are local hires. We’ve also built many important milestones over the past decade:

  • Huawei is the first Chinese company to join the Japan Business Federation (KEIDANREN) to actively participate and contribute to the local economy and ICT industry (2011)
  • Progressively over the years, Huawei Japan has actively worked closely with leading Japanese carrier networks to conduct field trials for coming 5G technologies
  • Huawei has helped to pioneer mobile broadband devices, is recognized as a global quality smartphone brand, and is ranked No. 1 in the SIM-Free smartphone market share in Japan (2017)