Dear Guests,

On behalf of Huawei it is my great honor to invite you to the Operations Transformation Forum 2018 (OTF 2018) to be held in Munich, Germany, from September 3rd to 4th.
The vision and goals of operations transformation are to realize the digital ROADS experience for the end user, to realize business agility to allow rapid digital services innovation, development and Go-to-Market, and also to realize automation, self-healing, self-optimizing and autonomy of ICT infrastructure management through digital technology.
We are stepping into a new intelligent world in which all things can sense, and all things are connected. Huawei GIV (Global Industry Vision) predicts that by 2025 the number of personal smart devices will reach 40 billion, while the total number of global connections will reach 100 billion, to create a digital economy worth US$23 trillion. In the 5G era, we think that operators will play an increasingly important role in areas such as smart city, smart home and smart healthcare. To achieve this, in addition to leveraging upcoming 5G technology, operators should also realize the ROADS experience, business agility and network intelligence through operations transformation.
In the 5G era, new business scenarios will place new demands on operators. How should operators leverage digital operations to combine the connectivity capabilities of massive numbers of users and devices with new operations capabilities to efficiently meet end users’ needs and hence seize the new opportunities available? These topics will all be discussed during OTF 2018.
Huawei invites you to join us to share viewpoints and best practices together with other leaders from major global operators, standards organizations, industry analyst firms and other influential organizations. Let us step into the new intelligent world together.
I very much look forward to welcoming you to OTF 2018 this September.
Yours sincerely
Hua Liang
Chairman, Huawei