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Arrival & Registration
Showcase Visit
Welcome Cocktail
Welcome Address: Accelerating Digital Operations Transformation
Howard Liang, Senior Vice President, HUAWEI
Chairman, Open ROADS Community
Industry Outlook
Javier Albares, Head of Corporate Strategy, GSMA
HKT Digital Business Transformation
Alex ARENA, Group Managing Director, HKT
DBS’ Digital Transformation Journey
Paul Cobban, Chief Data and Transformation Officer, Managing Director, Group Technology and Operations DBS Bank Ltd
Coffee Break
Smart Life Business Enable New Growth
Koichi Takahara, Senior Vice President,
General Manager of Smart-Life Solutions Department, NTT DOCOMO
DT’s Transformation Program Pan-Net
Dr. Sven Hischke, Managing Director, Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net
Transforming towards Digital Business
Ryan Ding, Executive Director of the Board
President, Carrier Business Group, Huawei
CXO Panel: How Industry and Company Accelerate Digital Business Transformation?
Showcase Visit & Lunch
Becoming Future Ready: Four Pathways to Digital Business Transformation
Peter Weill, Chairman, Center for Information Systems Research (MIT CISR) & Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Sloan School of Management
Joint Speech
A Digital Transformation Journey Using a Customer-centric Approach
Peter Lam, Managing Director, Engineering, HKT
Charles Hayes, Executive Managing Director, Asia & Partner, IDEO
Joe Hou, PD of Project Earth, Huawei
Customer Experience Driven Company: “Evolving from Network to Customer Centric Operations”
Juan Manuel Caro, Operation and OSS Global Director, Telefonica
Transformation into a Digital Telco
Bouke Hoving, Executive Vice President, Networks & IT, Royal KPN N.V
Coffee Break
Transformation Network Architecture & Operation
Tadashi lida, Vice President, West Japan Technology Division, Softbank
Business-Driven Smart Network Building
Zarrar Khan, Chief Technology Officer, VIVA Kuwait
Value-Oriented Home Broadband Development
Franklin Kano Ocharo, Director of Products and Services for Consumer Business Unit, Safaricom
Delivering "The Most Efficient Network" through 4 Transformation Steps
Mats Comstedt, Chief Executive Officer, 3GIS
Gala Dinner
Roundtable — Routes to Business Success with Agile Digital Operations
Track — Cloud Transformation for New Growth
Track — Value-oriented Network Planning&Operations
Track — Automation & Intelligence Driving Efficient Operations
Showcase Visit & Lunch
Experience Tour
The 2nd Indoor Digital Industry Cooperation Forum

Points of View

3 Major Areas and 6 Business Scenarios, Ensure Quality Network, Efficiency and Business Growth

Digital Transformation, Enabling New Growth

· Agile Digital Operations

· Cloud Services Enabling New Growth

Operational Excellence

· Making Video a Business Success

· Operational Excellence to Improve Efficiency

Building Experience-oriented Network to Optimize Network Value

· Value-oriented Network Construction

· Efficient Home Broadband Deployment

10 Experience Centers, Take You Through the Best Operations Transformation Journey

HKT Business Transformation Experience Hall @Kerry Hotel

HKT SmartCare/ VoLTE Showcase

HKT OSS T&D Showcase

Shenzhen SDO@OWS Innovation Center

Shenzhen ICS Integration Open Lab

Huawei Dongguan Songhu Data Center

Zhejiang Mobile SOC & Hangzhou Mobile Network Experience PLUS Showcase

Shanghai Unicom Big Data Showcase

Sichuan Mobile Network Experience PLUS Showcase


HKT Business Transformation Experience Hall

The main stage showcases HKT Digital Transformation, demonstrating HKT Commercial Mobile Services (Mobile Private APN, Split Bill and MDM) on cloud networks in enterprise self-service scenarios; account manager daily operations; and automated O&M. Today's new digital mode of operations, an enhanced customer experience, and fantastic platform capabilities are all on display.

· HKT Digital Transformation Journey & Video

· Enterprise Self-service

· Account Manager One-stop Shop

· Cloud-based Network O&M


HKT SmartCare CEM Showcase

HKT shares experience of NOC-SOC transformation, CEM strategy implementation, and inter-department collaboration. Accelerate digital transformation through the Multi Industry Digital Maturity Model and SmarCcare.

· How HKT accelerate digital transformation through SmartCare.

· Experience HKT Service Operations Center.


HKT OSS T&D Showcase

At this showcase of HKT's O&M advantages in the fixed network field, you can learn about how Huawei T&D solution improves the O&M efficiency on fixed networks from end to end.

· HKT O&M platform, handling customer complaints, fault diagnoses, and conducting tests; testing upfront to greatly reduced CC and NOC complaints and visiting ratios; 80% customer complaints can be resolved in the front.

· Onsite visits to HKT NOC, a world class network operations center, and the T&D system.


China Mobile Hong Kong NFV Showcase

This showcase is Huawei's, together with CMHK, first jointly created NFV showcase. This showcase allows operators and equipment suppliers to share their experiences with all-cloud network construction and O&M, stimulating service innovation and incubation.

· CMHK strategic thinking of cloudification and countermeasures, key project experience sharing.

· CMHK technical consultation onsite.


Shenzhen Software Defined Operations @OWS Innovation Center

Huawei summarizes its management, operation, and maintenance experience of more than 160 live networks globally. A variety of typical O&M scenarios and use cases are shared with customers. Carriers from around the world can experience SDO and OWS here and better address O&M challenges in future convergence scenarios.

· ICT automatic operation experience

· Application orchestration and development onsite

· DevOps and operation ecosystem experience

· Thorough SDO analysis (4 implementation measures + 3 transitions)

· Global success stories about OWS, carriers' road to O&M digital transformation


Shenzhen Indoor Connected Solution Lab

This lab enables integration testing and service verification of indoor coverage solution based on the network requirements proposed by global carriers. It introduces how Huawei help operators to solve indoor network problems such as bad experience, hard permission, high investment and low profit. This lab is a place for sharing experiences from around the world. Through carrying indoor valued-added on live networks, customers learn about the potential of indoor network and expand enterprise B2B market to maximize indoor network value

· Drawing on the wisdom of experts from around the world, sharing indoor excellent network cases like the Optus case in Australia; the metro case in Hong Kong; the airport case in Beijing; and the Bird's Nest case in Beijing

· Field experience with value-added services, discussion on solutions for increasing the value of indoor networks, such as precise marketing, indoor navigation, and indoor heat maps

· The all-round experience of E2E integration services: E2E integration verification, highly efficient integration delivery, as well as E2E products and tools


Huawei Dongguan Songhu Data Center

The Songhu Data Center demonstrates Huawei DC planning and design concepts: flexible, green, and intelligent. The EDC covers a total construction area of 40,000 square meters, about the size of six football fields. It has an electrical capacity of over 30 MVA, 12 modular equipment rooms, and 3,000 cabinets.


· 12 modular equipment rooms, on-demand deployment; reliable, hybrid deployment of tier 3 and tier 4 modules; hybrid deployment in high- and low-density areas


· Average annual PUE of 1.48, leading the industry in hot and humid environments; hot aisle containment, optimizing the air-flow organization; widespread use of advanced frequency conversion facilities; solar power supply; the Flywheel UPS system


· Intelligent management, comprehensive DCIM, advanced management


Zhejiang Mobile Smartcare & Hangzhou Mobile Network Experience PLUS Showcase

This showcase presents operations transformation targeted at experience and value and the corresponding quality services. Customers are invited to experience first hand the quality of services on an excellent network.


· Service quality management: real system–based experience, such as real-time VoLTE tracing

· User experience guarantee: real system–based demonstration, such as user complaint handling

Network Experience PLUS

· SOC-driven construction of the excellent network: The SEQ platform monitors implementation-related indicators, effectively identifies network problems, and drives the local organizations to close the problems by dispatching work orders on the SOC. It can also handle user complaints quickly, improving customer satisfaction.

· Intensive coverage planning, VoLTE optimization, and G-train user experience improvement


Shanghai Unicom Big Data Experience Center

This showcase aims to share Huawei's successful big data experiences with global carriers. An E2E big data solution for a specific service scenario helps carriers make their internal operations smarter; and helps expand their external collaboration and improve monetization.

Real system demonstration

· Shanghai Unicom Big Data Joint Innovation Project Achievements (platform structure, system integration, and data integration)

· Value-driven scenario modeling based on big data

· Demonstrations of a smart internal operating system and standardized products for external collaboration based on big data

System experience

· Big data platform


Sichuan Mobile Network Experience PLUS Showcase

This showcase is Huawei's world's first E2E Network Experience PLUS showcase, the first to use MR+OTT for more accurate planning, and the first excellent network built based on NEI standards. This showcase is home to the first network constructed based on vMOS experience.

· Top-quality VoLTE services: ultimate experience (HD and perfectness)

· Top-quality video services: zero distortion, zero waiting, and zero frame freezing

· op-quality data services: xMbps Anytime Anywhere

· 360 service experience by scenario

· Interaction with NEI and vMOS tools