Lisu were once a migrant ethnic group in its long history. It has abundant unique cultural conventions. Let's explore this unique culture together.

Ethnic Costumes

Although the Lisu people live in the mountains, they sew seashells onto their clothes for decoration. This is the characteristic of Lisu clothing.

Hospitality Culture

Liquor is a symbol of joy and friendship between the diligent, brave, and bold Lisu people. Serving guests 'unity' liquor is a notable custom of hospitality among the people. Two people drink the liquor from the same bowl while people around them sing a song to toast. This custom symbolizes friendship and solidarity.

Tea Culture

Lacquer seed oil is extracted from the seeds of lacquer trees. The Lisu people's food culture is influenced by that of Tibetans. But where the Lisu people's food culture differs is that Lisu people replace Tibetan butter with local lacquer seed oil and make lacquer seed oil tea, which is both fragrant, thirst-quenching, and served to guests.

Lisu Culture Becomes More Well-known Around the World

The outgoing and hospitable Jiang Jianmin (also known as Mi) loves her own people's culture.Over the past few years, Mi discovered that young Lisu people cannot sing the old ballads.Only several elders in her village can read Lisu characters.The most authentic recipes of the local cuisine are also becoming forgotten.As the granddaughter of the village chief, Mi started to think about how to preserve the Lisu culture.

She decided to cooperate with the Lost Stone Villas & Spa to open a Lisu restaurant.In the traditional Lisu-style restaurant,Guests from far and wide can not only learn more about the culture but also taste authentic Lisu cuisine and liquor,enjoy the songs and dances,

As the whole restaurant is covered by a high-speed all-optical network,Mi came up with a new idea to spread Lisu culture.She started a webcast to share her culture to more people.

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