With the rapid development of the ICT industry, greater connectivity will bring a wealth of opportunities to enterprises and exciting experiences to individuals.

Led by the vision of universal connectivity, the telecom industry will move towards open digital operation and build an open ecosystem through full industry chain collaboration which will become a powerful engine driving the development of other industries. The increasing demand for real-time and on-demand content, as well as all online and user-generated content for social sharing, are bringing the society together with increased productivity, new online experiences and agile innovation.

To celebrate this, the 2015 GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will bring together over 85,000 attendees. Huawei is delighted to be participating in the event and cordially invite you to join us at our booth.

In answer to these trends, our experts will be on site to discuss hot topics including the evolution of ultra-mobile broadband, Internet architecture-based agile business enablement, cloud-based experience innovation and building an industry chain ecosystem. Through various platforms such as forums, exhibition experiences, summit dialogues, and an evening banquet, we will also share Huawei's concepts, views and innovative products and solutions, inviting you to join us on the exciting path toward a more beautiful world of universal connectivity. Further information on this will be provided closer to the event.

We are grateful for your consistent support and look forward to welcoming you at Mobile World Congress in 2015.

Yours sincerely,

Ken Hu
Rotating and Acting CEO
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Open Cloud Summit

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Our Topics

Huawei SmartCare and NPS A Powerful Synergy

Using results from a recent project, this paper demonstrates how HUAWEI SmartCare? CEM solution can drive your NPS (Net Promoter Score) improvement program. The key factors which influence NPS can be identified, prioritized and incorporated into a model which accurately predicts NPS results. The insight provided will allow your organization to focus on those changes which will most positively impact NPS for your entire user-base, including the silent majority who never respond to surveys.

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Mobile Money -- An Indispensable Reform for Mobile Carriers

Mobile Money is the most effective start point the carrier can take to make the business transformation in digital era, which CSPs can fully utilize their own advantages, to quickly enter the finance & payment industry, through sustainable widening the industry ecosystem value chain, to occupy the payment entrance and extends the business to those non Telco sector, such as retail, electricity & water utilities, public transport, education, health care and other public-utility etc.

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Huawei works with Telecom Operators to Focus on Specific Industries and Foster the Development of a Strong Enterprise ICT Ecosystem

Introduction: In the future, competition in the government and enterprise ICT markets will evolve and the main competitors will be industrial alliances and ecosystems, rather than individual enterprises. In response to the ever-changing and fast-growing ICT market, Huawei is committed to leveraging its expertise in communications, computing, storage, and networks to help telecom operators better position themselves and foster the development of a strong ICT ecosystem.

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Build a New Digital Infrastructure

The coming connected digital world drastically changes our business landscape. With all the changes digital revolution made on the production, marketing, logistic and other business processes, the digital infrastructure is evolved to support the operation of new digital value fabric. The digital evolution on business architecture and enterprise architecture brings challenges and opportunities for CSPs. CSPs have unique advantages in building cross-industry digital infrastructures. Together with CSPs, Huawei will conceive, explore and build new business architecture, ecosystem and digital enterprise architecture. Huawei will be the best partner for CSPs in the connected digital world.

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Telco OS: The Key to Future Transformation for Carriers

Huawei has named its next-generation operations system the Telco OS because it covers the entire lifecycle of telco resource, service, and operations management. With Telco OS, carriers can deliver ROADS services to end users and meet the ICT requirements of businesses.

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Unleash IT Values Keep Telcos DNA - Huawei CloudCore Solution

Huawei CloudCore solution with NFV architecture provides strong support to operators in order to build new, agile telecom networks and lead the cloudification journey for the core network.

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Global Mobile Awards Shortlist

Award Category 2e - Best Mobile Network Product or Solution for Serving Customers

Huawei entry name: Huawei for Smart Devices & Enterprise Platform

Award Category 6a - Best Mobile Infrastructure

Huawei entry name: Huawei for LampSite Solution

Award Category 6f - Broadband for All: Outstanding LTE Solution

Huawei entry name: LG Uplus & Huawei Cloud-based LTE-A everywhere Suite

Huawei and CEM standards

Huawei has become a leading player in standardizing key aspects of Customer Experience Management. In April 2013, competing against other industry members, Huawei was selected by the TM Forum to lead an industry collaborative effort to develop a common set of customer experience metrics.

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Ken Hu

Ken Hu

Deputy Chairman and Rotating CEO

Keynote 3: The Road to 5G

3 MAR 09:15 - 10:45
Hall 4 Auditorium 1

Ryan Ding

Ryan Ding

President, Products & Solutions

Network Evolution in Practice

2 MAR 16:00 – 17:30
Hall 4 Auditorium 5

Dr Wen Tong

Chaobin Yang

Chief Marketing Officer
Huawei Wireless Network Product Line

Business Cases for a 5G World

4 MAR 14:00 – 15:00
Hall 4 Auditorium 4