MirrorSys a Full Field Communications System

Technology makes information sharing easy, but what we really want is to experience the full richness of remote environments including body language and emotions. Being freed from today's single, fixed view of the world and being able to experience anywhere ... anywhere. We call it MirrorSys.

Meet Our Speakers

Ken Hu

Deputy Chairman and Rotating CEO

Keynote 3: The Road to 5G

3 MAR 09:15 - 10:45 Hall 4 Auditorium 1

Ryan Ding

President, Products & Solutions

Network Evolution in Practice

2 MAR 16:00 – 17:30 Hall 4 Auditorium 5

Chaobin Yang

Chief Marketing Officer Huawei Wireless Network Product Line

Business Cases for a 5G World

4 MAR 14:00 – 15:00 Hall 4 Auditorium 4

Huawei Rotating CEO Ken Hu Outlines Vision for Super-Connected 5G World at MWC 2015

Fifth-generation mobile technology (5G) will become critical infrastructure in a super-connected world, Ken Hu, Huawei's Deputy Chairman and Rotating CEO, said in a keynote at MWC 2015, emphasizing that the 5G vision can be realized only through open cross-industry collaboration, intensive technological innovation, and evolutionary commercialization strategies.

FusionCloud Omni Solution, Agile, Open Roads to Cloud

Openness, security, and agility are the core concepts behind Huawei's hybrid cloud solution. Only by being open, secure, and agile, can a hybrid cloud bring the maximal benefits to enterprise customers, help telecom carriers seize strategic opportunities arising from public cloud development, as well as increase carriers' end-user stickiness. Open, secure, agile hybrid clouds will become the mainstream development mode in the future ICT industry.

Korea Telecom Corporation on the future of VR and 5G

Amy Ahn from Korea Telecom Corporation believes that the technologies and resources are already in place to make Virtual Reality-inspired experiences possible.

Inspired by the Power of Integration

End-user behavior is evolving towards ROADS, in a better connected world, connection everywhere and at anytime, becomes the new normal. How to improve performance, efficiency and experience? How to transform towards simple, digital, virtual and cloud? Integration has never been so important! CSPs need a system integration partner.

Connecting Carriers and Partners Together for Digital Ecosystem via Digital inCloud

In Digital Economy Era, Huawei software are committed to become the best partner for carriers during digital transformation.The new released Digital inCloud solution combined open service platform, inTouch partner alliance and business operation assistance as one stop service for carriers.

Huawei Traffic Trade Platform and Ecosystem

At Huawei Pre-MWC media and analysts briefing in London, Mr. Steven Hartley, the practice leader of service provider & market from Ovum share his insights on the business enabling transformation to Total Telecom.

Video Era

This is a symphony of Video, also a movement of era. As the development of networks and devices, Video is becoming the next basic service, operators should lead the trends of Video Era. Huawei is going to meet the golden Video Era by playing the spectacular chapter with operators.

Video, New Challenges & New Opportunities

Nowadays everything is going to be connected and along with the 4K & 4G technology, everyone could be a video content source. People are expecting better video experience with any screen, anywhere anytime. The operators will meet new challenges but at the same time big opportunities.

4K Brings Extreme Video Experience

4K Video is a hot topic in the video industry. It will certainly bring extreme video experience to end user but at the same time it will be a big challenge to the operators. Check out Huawei 4K experts' ideas about how operators could achieve success in 4K video service.

The Power of Five Convergences in OceanStor OS

OceanStor OS is Huawei's brand-new storage operating system. While inheriting the consistent high stability, reliability, and performance from Huawei's previous storage products, OceanStor OS abounds in new converged storage features. Specifically, the new storage operating system achieves "five convergences" to lift storage convergence to a higher level.

Changing Consumer Behavior Drives Operations Transformation: Why Carriers Must Build a Next-gen Operation System to Suit Consumer Behavior

The "Connected Generation" – those who have grown up with the Internet – is changing consumer behavior and creating new consumption patterns. In response, carriers must transform their operation systems. The ROADS experience will drive operations transformation and redefine the value and positioning of operation systems.

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Network Capability Exposure - eCommerce: Secure Privacy for 400M Users

Learn how Chinese e-commerce hub is leveraging temporary number to protect the data privacy of its 400 million users.

Network Capability Exposure - Telemedicine: Power Up 50K Medical Professionals

Check out how an online network of 50,000+ medical professionals from 840+ hospitals in China is driving a 30% increase in medical consultations.

6D Modeling Based Accurate Planning, Improving Investment Efficiency

Due to unbalanced development and distribution of data traffic and user service, how to put the right resources in the right location is operator's first challenge in network construction. Huawei 6D modeling based accurate planning solution helps operators identify valuable area precisely, improving investment efficiency.

Carriers' Digital Transformation and Telco OS

Dr. Dong Sun, Chief Architect of Digital Transformation Solutions of Huawei's Carrier Business Group, discusses how telecom operators can become digital ecosystem enablers to deliver optimal user experiences that are Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY and Social.

Are You Preparing for the Service-Driven Digital Economy?

At MWC 2015, Huawei Global Services will show you how you could benefit from our SmartCare CEM, build a quality brand MBB, and connect up business and operations through Managed Services.We will explore Telco business objectives & challenges with virtualizing, cloudifying, and digitizing their IT and Business Operations, while also addressing the critical "how to" actions that will help you get there. We'll conduct senior executive roundtable discussions to explore how Telcos best achieve their IT transformation goals.

Network Capability Exposure - The Secret Recipe to Enabling Hyper-Growth Markets

With a number of successful cases on network capability exposure, Huawei is going to share the secret recipe to enabling hyper-growth markets with stepwise approach.

Tap into Hypergrowth Industries with Network Capabilities

With ubiquitous connectivity, big data is being generated, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is taking shape. A select group of industries are poised for hyper-growth, but how can telcos stake their claim as the enablers?

Huawei Shares Its Vision of the Future of Mobile Networks Innovations

Mobile broadband is transforming people's lives. It's reshaping the Internet, the industry, and the society. MBB allows users to freely connect with one another anytime, anywhere. At our "Innovative Solutions" booth, we will share the latest insights and showcase our end-to-end MBB solutions, innovative technologies and new products which will allow operators to build ubiquitous mobile broadband networks offering the best user experience. We will also share new ideas and that will define the future of MBB.

Huawei Warehouse Data Center Solution Help Operators Achieve Fast Time to Market

Huawei Warehouse Data Center Solution can help operators transfer the existing unused warehouse to data center, reduce investment, shorten delivery period and accelerate time to market. This video introduces Huawei Warehouse Data Center Solution key features in terms of its customized design, flexible expansion and green energy saving.

Managed Services to Excel in Operations Transformation

With the massive growth of data traffic, diversified applications, and new technology emerged, Operations must shift their focus from network & service centric to value centric in order to enable fast new product launch and business growth. Huawei is committed to be the strategic partner for operators to transform their operations and cope with the increasing changes market place.

What Kind of Smart City Are You Looking Forward to?

Across the globe, cities large and small struggling with issues from public security to traffic congestion are looking for new models, concepts, and technologies. Smart Cities are the answer. Huawei believes that ICT is the "innovation gene" for Smart Cities, the core source for the interoperable networked applications that break the barrier between industry and the public sector to bring tangible improvements to people's lives. Over the years, we have helped implement more than 60 Smart Cities in 20 countries.

IoT, Build A Better Connected World

IoT is the next trillion-dollar IT industry. Huawei's comprehensive solution has been applied to many industries, including smart grid, smart buildings, smart surveillance, and smart transportation. In the future, Huawei will continue to be devoted to the research and development surrounding the IoT and work with our customers to explore unlimited possibilities. In MWC 2015, Huawei will show the intelligent building, intelligent medical treatment, digital journey solutions.

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