Miercom CEO:Robert Smithers

Test Reports Have Been Released Jointly by Miercom

During CeBIT CIO Forum 2012, Miercom CEO Robert Smithers announced that 10 of Huawei enterprise network products, including seven types of switches and three types of AR G3 routers, received the Miercom Performance Verified certification.

Miercom Test Reports

  • Huawei Routers Access and Interconnection certified Miercom Performance Verified • Dual 3G uplinks provide fully redundant WAN connectivity
    • Interoperability proven with Cisco routers for IPsec and GRE tunneling
    • AR1200/AR2200/AR3200 series supports GPON and EPON for flexible network deployments
    • Provides wireless Internet access using 3G and Wi-Fi

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  • Huawei Routers Performance and Reliability certified Miercom Performance Verified • Huawei AR207V-P router achieved177.5 Mbps throughput with IMIX traffic and IPsec security enabled
    • Using1500-byte frames, the AR1220VW router was capable of forwarding 990 Mbps which compares well
    • AR3260 forwarding rate was of 7950 Mbps using only 1500-byte frames, exceeding vendor specifications
    • Hot-swappable fan modules and interface cards, as well as LACP load balancing on LAN cards, reduce downtime and maintain high availability in networks

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  • Huawei Routers Voice certified Miercom Performance Verified • Huawei AR G3 routers support SIP, PRA, and ATO voice trunc
    • Voice services supported include 3-way conference calling and simultaneous/sequential ringing
    • During routers SIP call completion tests AR G 3 routers achieved 100% call completion with no dropped calls
    • AR G3 routers have built-in PBX voice functions,March 2012 including conference calling and multi-language IVR

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  • S1700 Series • Huawei S1700-28GFR-4P-AC switch provides one-button operation for system recovery, upgrade and information collection to streamline administration
    • Interoperability proven through tests with other vendor switches
    • Advanced features supported include DoS attack prevention, anti-worm function, IP and MAC source guard, and VCT
    • Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) is supported, resulting in up to 30% power savings

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  • S2700-EI Series • Huawei S2700-EI is resilient and robust to meet enterprise reliability requirements
    • High performing throughput capabilities
    • Exceptionally large capacity for ACL, MAC address, and VLAN
    • QoS capabilities allow prioritization and full functionality, even under heavy load
    • Simplifying network complexity, LACP also improves network reliability, eliminating the loop protection protocol (MSTP)

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  • S5700-EI Series • Huawei S5700-52C-PWR-EI enterprise switch has IPv6 migration support that includes dual-stack and IPv6 to IPv4 tunneling for increased flexibility
    • Supports PoE+, supplying 30W of power to endpoint devices from multiple vendors
    • Interoperable with many proprietary protocols used by multiple vendors
    • Clustering supports 48Gbps throughput and nine devices in a single cluster
    • Batch updating allows software upgrades en masse to switches

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  • S5700-LI-AC Series • Huawei S5700-52P-LI-AC enterprise switch has IPv6 migration support that includes dual-stack and IPv6 to IPv4 tunneling for increased flexibility
    • Unique Dying Gasp feature provides immediate notification of switch failure with SNMP
    • Interoperable with high granularity protocols and multiple vendors
    • iStack bandwidth shows 5Gbps throughput
    • Batch updating allows software upgrades en masse to switches

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  • S6700-EI Series • Huawei S6700-EI switches, with up to 48 10GE ports, provide high performance for aggregation, enterprise core and data center environments
    • S6700-EI supports iStack technology with bidirectional bandwidth of 160GB, for up to nine devices
    • Smart Ethernet Protection (SEP) protocol delivers fault convergence in under 50ms for ring networks
    • Proven interoperable with other vendor protocols
    • Under heavy load, 10G port demonstrates very low latency

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  • S7700 Series • Huawei S7706 core aggregation switch has high availability providing resiliency for enterprise environments
    • Smart Ethernet Protection (SEP) allows optional security enhancements
    • Interoperable with switches from other manufacturers
    • Hot swappable power and fan modules and backup routing units

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  • S9300 Series • Huawei S9306 switch supports patented Cluster Switching System (CSS) technology for high availability
    • Smart Ethernet Protection (SEP) protocol is supported with highly advanced capabilities
    • Low forwarding latency of 10G port at full load
    • Proven interoperability in tests with other vendor switches
    • Supports hot swapping for power and fan modules as well as backup routing units

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