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How telcos can leverage LinkedIn

Will Koch, Category Head, Technology Sector, EMEA, LinkedIn, introduces three basic areas where telcos can better utilize LinkedIn, covering how telcos recruit talent, market messages to customers, and sell via premium subscriptions. Telcos have a grand opportunity to leverage LinkedIn and its SNS brethren. For the former, customer CXOs can be invited to follow your content, while your own people can sponsor content of interest and become influencers on the site.

Collaboration for better experience

Roughly 40% of YouTube traffic worldwide is mobile. According to Francisco Varela, Global Director Platform Partnerships, YouTube, the content provider’s success stems from good products, broadband networks, high-quality devices, and awareness of the product. Francisco believes telcos must be YouTube’s partners for it to be successful around the world. Telcos are indispensible in both broadband infrastructure and raising customer awareness, and most importantly, in making video experience affordable.

Marketing telco services

White Label Partners is a GSMA-supported company dedicated to marketing and monetizing GSMA standards & services. Its founder, Mark Kaplan, believes that more affordability and easy accessibility will be crucial to carrier and Internet service provider collaboration. He also thinks that carriers should both increase their quality of service and better market it to consumers, especially the mobile data pricing.

Leveraging MBB for TV experience

The BBC is keen to work with telco service providers, device manufacturers, and other players in the industry to bring new experiences to their customers. Matthew Postgate from the BBC shows great interest in 4G-network enabled eMBMS, which facilitates the TV experience on mobile devices, and how mobile broadband is used in production, specifically the live broadcast of the Olympic Games over 4G.

Opening the Way for MBB Success

President of Huawei’s Wireless Network Business Unit David Wang explains how operators can build a reliable network with ultra-broadband, reduce costs and reduce the time-to-market, all of which critical operator goals to achieve continuing business success with mobile broadband.

Tele2 Finds the Perfect Match

Tele2 Group CTIO Joachim Horn speaks positively about LTE as an enabler for operators to strike the perfect match between cost with quality. He also explains Tele2’s rationale for deploying LTE on 900MHz, expresses confidence and interest in VoLTE, and discusses his views on the state of HetNets.

5G: A Technology Vision

Huawei 5G project leads and company fellow Tong Wen discusses the company’s vision for how 5G will benefit operators and end users alike. He foresees 5G commercial deployments starting in 2020, 5G coexisting with 4G and 3G for a long time afterwards. The pace of 5G deployment, he says, will be much faster than previous generations.

EE aims to stay top

Total Telecom met with EE CTO Fotis Karonis at Huawei’s MBB Forum, and the CTO talks about the operator’s LTE ambition and how they will keep the leadership in the U.K. mobile broadband market.

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Main Session Speakers

Eric Xu

Executive Vice President

Anne Bouverot

Director General and Member of the Board

Olaf Swantee

Chief Executive Officer

Joachim Horn

Group Chief Technology and Information Officer

Steve Unger

Chief Technology Officer

The Hon Ed Vaizey MP

Minister for Culture, Communications & the Creative Industries
Department for Culture, Media & Sport, UK

Kim Andreasson

Contributing Editor
The Economist Intelligence Unit

Liv Garfield

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Scanlan

Vice President of Business and Network Consulting

Mark Kaplan

White Label Partners

Matthew Postgate

BBC Research and Development

Eric Johnsen

Business Development Principal

Will Koch

Category Head, Tech & Telco
LinkedIn EMEA

Martin Lange

Executive Marketing Director & Global Lead
Mobile@Ogilvy and OgilvyOne Worldwide

Francisco Varela

Global Director of Platform Partnerships

Colin Giles

Executive Vice President Consumer Business Group

Henry K.H. Wong

Senior Vice President for Strategic Wireless Technology and System Planning & Design

Pierre-François Dubois

Vice President, Product Development for Communication and TV Services

Saran Phaloprakarn

Senior Vice President
Advanced Info Service Plc. (AIS)

Emma Mohr-McClune

Service Director for Consumer Services – Global
Current Analysis

David Wang

President, Wireless Network Business Unit

Alex Sinclair

Chief Technology Officer

Eros Spadotto

Executive Vice-President for Technology Strategy and Operations

Elmar Grasser

Chief Operating Officer

Nabeel Mohamed

Chief Technology Officer

Ibrahim Gedeon

Chief Technology Officer

Nicholas James

Chief Executive Officer
UK Broadband


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