The evolving Canada’s MBB marketplace

Ibrahim Gedeon explains how Canada’s mobile broadband market is driving success and how the sector will evolve.

Defining 5G

For a technology that doesn’t even exist, 5G is getting an awful lot of attention and hype. But what is it, and how do we get there? Mobile World Live takes a look.

Connected Car

The connected car is tipped to be the next big thing in mobile. While today only around 10% of vehicles on the road have in-car mobile connectivity, this figure is expected to rocket to around 90% by 2020. In this special video feature, we take a look inside the market.

9 Driving Forces of MBB Era

What is the first productive of mobile network? What is the most important indicator of the user experience ? By 2025, mobile Internet connectivity index will reach 100 billion. Not only people, vehicles, buildings and cities will be connected. This video is about to telling you the nine forces of MBB era.

NTT DOCOMO’s Vision for 5G

The VP & Managing Director of the Japanese operator’s 5G Laboratory reveals his vision for 5G technology.

MegaFon : From 4G to 5G

The Executive Director of Consumer Business at Russia’s largest 4G operator comments on the secrets behind its success with LTE, as well as its plans for future technology rollout.

How Far Is Connected Car?

The Practice Head of Analysys Mason’s Networks and Enterprise Research division provides an overview of the connected car market and where it is heading.

MBB Trends and Challenges

GSMA CTO Alex Sinclair outlines the challenges facing mobile operators today and how the GSMA is helping to address these issues. He also comments on the growth opportunities in mobile and the future move to 5G.

Huawei’s Vision for 5G

Tong Wen, head of Huawei’s 5G R&D division, reveals the progress the company has made in developing 5G technology and Huawei’s vision of a 5G world.

Carrier IoT Network, Huawei Strategy & Perspective

Huawei Chief Network Architect, Dang Wenshuan, gives an insight into the Internet of Things market, outlining potential growth opportunities and how the sector will change mobile business models.

FIA Formula E Championship Drive the Future

Lars Stegelmann, Global Head of Commercial at FIA’s new Formula E racing category, tells us how the sport is already surpassing expectations. Although the worlds of Formula E and mobile technology may not seem an obvious pairing, he reveals how they are connected.

Connected Cars Opportunities

Vincent Rumeau, Connected Cars Program Manager at PSA Peugeot Citroen China, gives an insight into development of the connected car market and what the future holds.

Huawei’s Global Mobile Broadband Forum: Day 2 highlights

Mobile World Live brings you coverage of the event's second day in Shanghai, where the focus was on discovering new mobile broadband business opportunities and the mobile Internet of Things. Speaker highlights included Huawei's David Wang (president of the company's wireless product line) and the CTOs of operators Telus and VHA. Plus there was an introduction to the new Formula E racing brand.

Huawei’s Global Mobile Broadband Forum: Day 1

Mobile World Live brings you coverage of the opening day in Shanghai, including keynote clips from Huawei CEO Eric Xu and China Mobile’s EVP. 5G was a big topic of the day, with the technology set to be trialled at the 2018 World Cup in Russia thanks to Huawei’s new deal with operator MegaFon.

5G,Future is Defined Today

1ms latency, 10Gbps per connection, 100 billion connections, 5G capabilities will exceed our current conceivable demand, What is 5G? How will it change our lives?

China 4G, Benefiting the World at Scale

4G has had an enormous impact in maximizing our communication experience and decreasing the cost per Byte, allowing subscriptions to exceed 50 million in less than a year.

We are Waiting for You

2014 is an exceptional year to come to China where you can experience the innovative 4G network and excellent user experience presented by the three major telecom operators.
Play this 4G aerial video to have a bird’s eye view at China Mobile’s 4G sites.

MBB Network Standard Redefined by KQI

In MBB era, end users' habit have totally changed, good experience of data service become very important, KPI cannot reflect the user experience any more, we need KQI to redefine the MBB network standard based on KPI, this is an interview with the chairman of 3GPP SA5.

Stay Tuned

2014 is an exceptional year to come to China where all three major telecom operators are poised and focused on next-step investments for LTE as well as enabling the business and available services of MBB.