Huawei LiteOS As an OS that is widely used in Huawei smartphones, Huawei LiteOS works with the Huawei smart home solution and HiLink protocol (a device connectivity protocol), making the smart home solution smarter and simplifying the smart home app operation procedure.

Huawei LiteOS-assisted HiLink Smart Home Solution

Nowadays, smart home solutions encounter challenges, such as incompatible protocols, low levels of smart connectivity, and difficulties in connectivity. To overcome these challenges, Huawei has launched the HiLink Smart Home Solution based on six core elements:
       ● HiLink SDK
       ● Smart device
       ● HiLink smart routing
       ● Cloud platform
       ● Mobile app
       ● HiLink alliance authentication
      This solution unifies the device connectivity protocols, allowing for an open architecture interconnecting people, things, and the cloud. Such a solution enables the connectivity between different vendors' devices. Deploying the HiLink Smart Home Solution allows devices to be networked without complex configurations, and seamlessly interwork with Huawei LiteOS. Furthermore, this solution provides open capabilities at multiple layers, making innovative services a reality. In the meantime, Huawei has established the HiLink smart home alliance based on the principles of opening up and cooperation. This alliance gathers partners from different industry sectors, organizes product and service pre-integration, and provides E2E smart home services for end users, property developers, and service integrators.

Customer Benefits

Superb user experience

nterworking with smartphone sensors (e.g., a smartphone screen), Huawei LiteOS sets up a management channel between smartphone sensors and smart home appliances. In this way, users can control smart home appliances even when their smartphone screens are off.

Real-time user experience

Huawei LiteOS has optimized the device connectivity protocols at the OS layer and network connection protocol layer. Such optimization makes the inter-device communication more responsive and ensures a more reliable connection, thereby bringing users a smooth and real-time service experience.