MobileCam is a solution designed for the IoT era. MobileCam was created by integrating 4K/H.265 HEVC and running Huawei LiteOS on a HiSilicon semiconductor. MobileCam can be used for a huge variety of purposes, such as for sport DVs, smart cameras, drones, and visual intercom doorbells.

Sports DVs

Smart Cameras

Visual intercom Doorbells


When running the Huawei LiteOS, the software system of MobileCam has the following features

Quick startup (within 1s)

Low power consumption, which enables power to be supplied through batteries, and makes MobileCam wearable technology that is easy to use outdoors.

Smart hibernation and quick wakeup, which improve power saving and allow for quick response times.

4G wireless connection and transmission support live video broadcasts for sport DVs.