Huawei LiteOS ecosystem aims to help more effective and efficient development of IoT smart hardware products and applications. Huawei developer community aims to help whether you come from a company, maker organization, or university, or if you work in the smart home, IoV, or smart industry fields. Reusing resources in this community will allow us to improve chip development efficiency and continue to create innovative applications, driving the development of the IoT market forward.

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Why Become a Partner
View source code before regular users to efficiently create competitive products.
Create competitive products
Your LiteOS-based products will be promoted through Huawei channels including websites, videos, printed materials, and conferences.
Promoted through Huawei channels
Receive first-class tech support to remove obstacles to product development.
More tech Support
Building Cooperation Relationships with Partners

Huawei LiteOS is committed to developing IoT ecosystems to serve and empower industry customers and developers. Huawei pays special attention to the development of partners who can provide joint solutions through technical cooperation with Huawei LiteOS, including:

    1.Partners providing basic processor chips (such as MCU) that are able to run operating systems, and communication chips (such as SOC) that have processing capabilities.

    2.Partners providing development kits and solutions based on Huawei LiteOS.

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Join Huawei LiteOS

Thank you for your attention. If you want to join us as an ecosystem partner, please send an email to, After submitting your cooperation application, the cooperation manager will review your application materials and send you a reply. Please look out for emails from

If both of parties agree to cooperate, then a cooperation agreement will be signed.