Smart Locks

The high tenant turnover for shared housing has always been a pain point for the landlords as they need to change or rekey the locks frequently. Smart locks solve this problem. With a smart lock, the landlord can register a new tenant, or send them a password via SMS, from an app on their phone. The tenant can unlock the cloud lock using the received password to visit the shared house or to move in. After the termination of tenancy, the password expires. However, conventional smart locking requires gateways to converge lock signals, which makes construction difficult and maintenance expensive.

NB-IoT Enables Smart Locks

Solution Highlights

The NB-IoT-based Smart Locks Solution requires no gateway, facilitating construction and maintenance and reducing maintenance costs.

This solution features good coverage and long standby time. Four AA batteries can lock or unlock a door 8,000 times. This ensures stable lock signal connections.

With the development of NB-IoT, and as privacy protections get stronger, hotel room reservation, check-in, and check-out can all be performed using cloud locks. No reception will be required, making operations a lot less expensive.

Success Stories

Huawei has worked with mainstream lock vendors, such as Zhima Cloud Locking, AnXunTong, and Dessmann, to complete the interconnection and basic feature tests on NB-IoT-enabled smart locks. Huawei and AnXunTong have deployed 1,000 NB-IoT smart locks at Tsinghua University.