eLTE Port AGV Communications

Ports act as nodes of a global, integrated, transportation network and efficiency is part of their core value. With rapid development of international trade, the low efficiency of traditional non-automated ports is threatening their survival. In a non-automated port, it takes over five minutes to load and unload a container, and no more than 150,000 containers can be handled per year. This inhibits further development. Moreover, manual loading and unloading require ground commanders, container crane drivers, and container trailer drivers, which leads to high labor costs. Accidents such as falls or damaged containers, caused by manual operation, may result in huge losses. Automation is inevitable.

eLTE Port AGV Communications

Solution Highlights

The Huawei eLTE-U solution uses advanced 4.5G technologies. It works on the 5.8 GHz band to provide reliable LTE wireless connections. A cutting-edge LTE scheduling algorithm and high-gain directional antennas enable the eLTE-U solution to provide two to three times Wi-Fi coverage, retain the delay of AGV control signals within 30 ms, and support high-density connection of 50 AGVs per parking space (200 m x 90 m).

eLTE-U features high reliability. The data adapter unit (DAU) supports IP67 protection, provides dual-network coverage, and features shockproof design as well as high network reliability with over 99.999% availability.

The inter-site distance of 250 meters ensures that all base stations are installed on the port lighthouses. No additional infrastructure is required. This minimizes port reconstruction costs.

Success Stories

Early in 2017, Huawei introduced the new eLTE-U solution to the fourth phase of Yangshan Port in Shanghai and provided wireless coverage for Yangshan Port, the largest fully automated port in the world. Once the automation system is deployed, there will be 130 AGVs and 26 container cranes in the fourth phase of Yangshan Port. Only nine operators will be required to handle 25 standard containers per hour with a single container crane. The operation efficiency and benefits of the port will be entirely enhanced.