5G Summit: Bring 5G into Reality
  • More than 300 participants from around the world came to this summit. Among them, 17 5G industry leaders made the presentations to share their thoughts and opinions. 5G Summit gathered global leaders in telecommunications operators, government agencies, industry organizations, telecommunications vendors, vertical industries leaders to discuss the deployment of next-generation mobile networks, how to build an open, cooperative and win-win 5G ecosystem.
  • Topics:
  •   • Preparing for 5G Early Network Deployment.
  •   • Building a Healthy 5G Ecosystem in Advance.
  • Consensus:
  •   • C-Band high bandwidth, 3D-MIMO, 64Tx / Rx and uplink / downlink decoupling are the key to 5G commercial deployment.
  •   • 5G network can break the traditional model used in the vertical industry to promote the development of 5G more prosperous.