The Overview
  • 5G
  • 5G enables a digital society. With the continuous testing of key technologies and the development of standards and ecosystem, 5G is entering the real world. Here, Huawei will showcase the uplink-downlink decoupling technology, the flexible 5G RAN architecture, and achievements in 5G mm wave. You will also see the fruits of the joint innovation by operators and Huawei in the field of 5G New Radio, as well as joint exploration with vertical industry leaders in connected cars and smart factories.
  • Architecture Evolution
  • How to achieve high- and low-frequency coordination on multi-band and multi-RAT networks? How to improve spectral efficiency? Here, Huawei will demonstrate the CloudAIR solution, which permits dynamic spectrum sharing of GSM/UMTS, GSM/LTE, and LTE/NR. This will help save spectrum resources while realizing LTE high- and low-frequency coordination to improve FDD+TDD coverage.
  • Meanwhile, Huawei will also present a series of the latest SingleRAN base stations, which include important 5G-oriented site types and the new AAUs using Massive MIMO on the C-band. These innovative technologies will demonstrate the 5G-oriented features of huge capacity and multiple bands and antennas.
  • Experience Evolution
  • Users are always pursuing a superior experience. Gbps network rate can only be enabled by three key technologies, namely carrier aggregation (CA), 4x4 MIMO, and 256QAM. Here, Huawei will demonstrate with these three technologies how it is possible to achieve a record-high network speed (1.9Gbps). Additionally, you will see the 4T4R and 8T8R products that support 5G basic networks, as well as various 4R mobile devices and Massive MIMO that deals with the capacity issues of super hot spots.
  • Service Evolution
  • Future networks must be able to support all services such as VoLTE, NB-IoT, LiTRA, C-V2X, and WTTx to maintain sustainable evolution. Here, we will show how to construct such a network with the latest technologies and solutions. Together with partners, Huawei will showcase NB-IoT for IoT, LiTRA for public security, and WTTx for home broadband.
  • Wireless Intelligence
  • Here, Huawei will guide you how MBB network has accomplished breakthroughs in efficiency, performance, and business. You will have the chance to see the world's leading intelligent wireless network.
  • Wireless X Labs
  • Future applications are the direct force that drives the development of the industry and the market. Wireless X Labs is dedicated to the study and exploration of future applications. Huawei will display the progress it has jointly attained with its partners since 2016, when the lab was first established. These achievements include 5G wireless connected smart factories, wireless control of automated vehicles and robotics, and cloud-based industrial cameras. Other examples include connected drones, the world's first wireless charging base station for drones, cloud-based AI guiding helmets, and remote medical treatment with the low latency of 5G. These innovative demonstrations will absolutely seduce you with genius and leave you feeling hungry for the next great discovery.