5G Summit: Make 5G a Reality

This 5G summit will gather the industry's most influential mobile network operators, vertical industry leaders, and MBB ecosystem players from around the world to help pave the way to 5G. The topics under discussion will include cutting-edge progress of 5G spectrum and technologies, the latest industry trends, use cases, and business models. 5G is set to reshape our future through ubiquitous connectivity and visionary innovation.

4.5G Evolution, Road to 5G Summit

This summit will be held together with LightReading with a focus on Giga experience, future services, and network architecture. This summit has been arranged to offer mobile network operators and vertical industry partners a chance to engage in thought-provoking discussion, share success stories, and discover new paths for long term growth. This summit will provide a live broadcast on key viewpoints and offer a chance to engage in online interaction via the LightReading website.

Emerging Market Summit: Emerging Markets, Emerging Opportunities

Digital transformation creates huge opportunities for emerging markets. The next 5 years will witness an increase of several billion connections, as well as 5 to 10 times upsurge in subsequent traffic growth. Faced with the challenges of underdeveloped infrastructure and low ARPUs in emerging markets, it is mobile operators' top priority to increase return on investment (ROI). This summit gathers operators, standard organization, governments, tower companies, equipment providers, and other industry players to address the task of how to seize the new opportunities in emerging markets.

Wireless X Labs Innovation Roundtable

Vertical industry players and operators will participate in this roundtable to share future-oriented innovative achievements of Wireless X Labs during 2017. This is combined with the exploration of potential investment in technologies and business feasibility. This roundtable will include two sessions: business opportunities and policy for connected drones, and new mobile network opportunities in factories.

The 5th OSS Roundtable

This roundtable focuses on the new trends of MBB network operation and maintenance (O&M). Topics include more agile, intelligent, and open O&M solutions, O&M evolution in the 5G era, etc. The roundtable will offer operators an opportunity to share experience and engage in open discussion.

The 4th MBB Cyber Security Mindshare Forum

This mindshare forum will gather 5G industry chain security experts to discuss 5G (including IoT) security challenges and coping strategies, with a specific target to reach a consensus on hot issues such as credential management, security capacity exposure, and active defense, etc.

5G-Oriented Core Network Transformation Roundtable

5G is around the corner. Emerging applications (AR/VR, IoT, V2X) and new business models (B2B, B2V) have challenging new requirements for the core network. This roundtable will discuss hot topics (network capability exposure, CUPS and network-level distributed architecture, etc.), and present the latest industry insights regarding the co-existence of multiple RATs and construction of a 5G core network.