In the future, the physical and digital will be profoundly converged. We are on the verge of entering a people-centric ecosystem with high information symmetry and efficient business practices incorporating mobile Internet technologies, cloud computing, and Internet of Things.
The magnificent and distinctive 3500 m2 venue will host a combination of innovative ideas and practices for a fully-connected tomorrow.
Exhibition Time:
November 24: 9:00 - 18:30
November 25: 9:00 - 16:00
The Overview
  • Huawei launched its SingleRAN Solution as early as ten years ago, which significantly changed the way of deploying and managing radio access networks. Huawei recently released the CloudRAN Solution, which constructs radio networks incorporating cloud strategy to achieve long-term coexistence with multiple future technologies, satisfy diversified service requirements, support flexible network scalability, and implement quick service delivery.
  • This exhibition area presents a distinct picture describing an evolution of the network architecture from SingleRAN to CloudRAN. The exhibit will feature a vast range of practical applications provided specific potential scenarios. These examples include the latest SingleRAN Solution incorporating multiple standards and bands into base stations, 5G-oriented Massive MIMO, AAUs supporting multiple bands and channels, smart and flexible Easy Macro, Small Cells applicable to high-density scenarios and Agile Operation for multiple Services. The show will also highlight the CloudRAN Solution advocating flexible deployment of network-layer functions and on-demand resource allocation. This solution adopts a unified cloud architecture to support current technologies and 5G, implementation of rapid high-performance network deployment and flexible scalability to meet a diverse range of future service requirements.
  • How can we prepare for the arrival of 5G?
  • Various new services such as HD video, virtual reality (VR), assisted driving, and IoT has imposed urgent requirements on existing networks. The 4.5G area offers a comprehensive view of remarkable performance and diversified services provided by 60 global 4.5G networks.
  • The future-oriented 4.5G network implements smooth evolution based on existing 4G networks and creates three benefits for the entire MBB ecosystem: "Gbps" provides a high-speed user experience, "Experience 4.0" enables ubiquitous HD voice and video, and "Connection+" ushers in a better connected world boasting new business opportunities.
  • 5G is just around the corner!
  • 5G empowers VR to provide an immersive gaming experience with the help of super-high Gbps speed and ms-level network latency. 5G also allows unmanned driving a reality provided by a combination of high efficiency and safety with the incorporation of ms-level network latency and high reliability.
  • The 5G exhibition area also presents a future end-to-end 5G network architecture, new 5G air interface technologies, new base stations adopting innovative technologies, and focused efforts to realize 5G contributed by Huawei, leading operators, and vertical industry partners.
  • Mobile is the Future. The Huawei X Labs will accompany future exploration achieved through boundless imagination and help map a road to a better connected world derived from curiosity and wisdom.
Industry Partners
  • The exhibition area of Huawei’s industry partners as GSMA, GTI and Softbank, We keenly anticipate your proactive participation and willingness to share insights, abundant experience in MBB development.
  • Mobile applications, vertical industry innovation, Internet of Vehicles, robotics, and additional diversified applications fully demonstrate the industry knowledge.