The future MBB exhibition

In this Mobile Broadband Forum, over 3500 sqm  MBB exhibition hall is built including 5 areas. At here we will show you the CloudRAN network architecture which enables the future network evolution and meets future massive business; we will also introduce the latest process of 4.5G global deployment and 4.5G in vertical industries, as well as the latest research in 5G and vertical industry connectivity scenarios in 5G era.

In industry partner area, GSMA, SoftBank, GTI will demonstrate the perspective of MBB industry and MBB development trends. In the vertical industry, Together with around 20 vertical industry leaders such as ABB, BOSCH, DJI, HARMAN, KUKA, MURATA, TOSHIBA, TOYOTA, HUAWEI X LABS will envision how the vertical industries enrich experience and build a better connected world for the people.

Mobile is the Future. Welcome to the future MBB exhibition in MBBF 2016!