Stefan Lampa
Chief Executive Officer, KUKA Robotics
  • Stefan Lampa is Chairman of the Board of Management at KUKA Robotics GmbH, and also serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Management.
  • Mr. Lampa has vast experience in robotics and automation. Prior to joining KUKA Robotics in 2015, he was the Global Product Group Manager for Robots & Applications for ABB. He also held management positions ABB Welding System in the USA, ABB Sistemas in Mexico, and at ESAB Welding Systems in South Korea and Sweden.
  • At KUKA Robotics headquartered in Augsburg, Germany and a member of the KUKA AG Company, Mr. Lampa is responsible for the development, production and delivery of the world’s leading industrial robots, controllers and software across Europe, America and Asia.
  • Speaking at the 2016 Global Mobile Broadband Forum in Tokyo, Mr. Lampa will discuss how the manufacturing industry is undergoing a profound and disruptive transformation, whereby robots will be critical to revolutionizing factories and helping manufacturing businesses drive growth and remain agile.
  • Mr. Lampa possesses keen insights into the evolving nature of smart manufacturing that is rapidly fuelled by intelligent systems and mobile broadband connectivity. As part of this concept, He will explore the way manufacturing businesses use robots throughout production systems to facilitate growth.
  • Mr. Lampa will also highlight the unique opportunities presented by the advanced mobile broadband connectivity which enables revolutionary ways for robotics to manage manufacturing and industrial activities. KUKA has been working closely with partners such as Huawei in the areas of cloud computing, big data, mobile technology, and industrial robots to help manufacturing customers transform and embrace smart manufacturing to gain a significant competitive advantage.