Shigeyoshi Shimotsuji
Corporate Vice President, Toshiba Corporation
  • Shigeyoshi Shimotsuji is Corporate Vice President of Toshiba Corporation and Executive Vice President of Industrial ICT Solutions Company, a Toshiba company established in June 2012 for its Internet of Things (IoT) business. Mr. Shimotsuji takes overall leadership for building and driving Toshiba’s partnership strategy to advance Toshiba's IoT business innovation.
  • Mr. Shimotsuji joined the Toshiba Corporation in 1983 with more than 30 years’ experience in IT research and development. Prior to his current role, he also spent many years cultivating and managing strategic partnerships for Toshiba's major projects.
  • Under Mr. Shimotsuji’s leadership, Toshiba plans to tackle a multitude of societal challenges that could be addressed through technological advancements. These include the management of population growth and dealing with environmental issues. Greater efficiency in electricity consumption and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions are common demands worldwide, and there is also a growing need to strengthen security measures for safety and crime prevention. Toshiba believes that technology companies have a responsibility to society to try to address some of these problems.
  • Speaking at the 2016 Global Mobile Broadband Forum in Tokyo, Mr. Shimotsuji will share Toshiba’s vision on how it can leverage its knowledge and expertise across diverse range of business fields, from electronic devices to social infrastructure, to realize a safe, secure and comfortable information society.
  • Toshiba is transforming into a value-added IoT business model that connects things and people. The company has a wealth of expertise across multiple relevant areas including embedding sensors in data-collection devices, real-time processing of big data, use of memory storage technology, and use of social infrastructure applications that utilize big data. Mr. Shimotsuji will share his experience from building and driving Toshiba’s partnership strategy to the advancement of Toshiba's IoT business innovation.
  • Mr. Shimotsuji will also provide his insights on how the evolution to IoT also means that mobile networks need to bring a new level of efficiency, agility, and automation to support the new and evolving commercial needs of many industries. Co-creating with industry partners, Toshiba is opening up new IoT possibilities.