Alex Wellen
Chief Product Officer, CNN
  • Alex Wellen is CNN’s Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer, responsible for product, technology, and strategic vision of CNN’s mobile, web, data, video, TV, and emerging platforms. In this role, Mr. Wellen oversees the global business operations for CNN's digital platforms, and is the executive that leads CNN Worldwide's TV Everywhere and CNNgo initiatives – a suite of 24-hour interactive and bleeding-edge consumer products aimed at redefining the television and digital news experience.
  • Mr. Wellen brings twenty years of diverse experience building high-performance, cross-functional teams that have consistently delivered world-class business results. A thought leader specializing in the convergence of traditional and new media platforms, he brings to the role a deep expertise in launching and growing multi-platform TV, digital, and video platforms.
  • Speaking at the 2016 Global Mobile Broadband Forum in Tokyo, Mr. Wellen will share his perspective on how the arrival of smartphones and the emergence of advanced mobile networks capable of supporting video has presented challenges to all types of “traditional” media, including broadcasters, as people become accustomed to accessing data anytime, anywhere.
  • In this new digital publishing world, media has moved from the TV to the smartphone, and the experience of accessing this data has become more personalized and interactive. CNN believes that the key to success is in delivering an exceptional viewer experience on as many digital platforms as possible, which ensures that viewers feel empowered and connected to the stories and data that matters to them. However, creating these connections relies on telecommunication operators continuing to drive mobile network infrastructure advancement and innovation.
  • In the digital age, CNN has been at the forefront of business transformation and reinvention, in order to continue creating meaningful connections with its viewers. Mr. Wellen will share his knowledge and expertise and provide valuable insights on initiatives such as CNNgo, which is currently available domestically to more than 90 million TV subscribers, offering users on-demand video alongside contextual information such as tweets and written content, with users able to pick which order they view stories. He will also share CNN’s vision and strategy for the MBB era, and how the growing power of mobile networks and demand from users has completely changed the way it delivers its news.