Vertical Industry Exhibit
  • Vertical Industry Exhibit
  • The past decade has witnessed the rapid development of mobile communication technologies. With a decrease in global demographic dividends, operators are now considering vertical industry expansion and digital transformation.
  • Huawei partners with over 20 global industry affiliates to invite productive discussions about how mobile communication technologies will promote the development of vertical industries. Popular innovative applications (VR/AR, connected cars, robotics, and drones) will also form the core topics showcased as prime examples during the exhibit.
    • Experience call loss, NE models, and scenario-centric experience optimization.
    • Wondrously immersive enlightening experiences offer a complete virtual environment incorporating the use of VR/AR action capture technology.
    • IoT business nurturing, commercial UAV base stations, and Technische Universität München's latest achievements pertaining to connected vehicles to instill and highlight boundless imagination. These applications boast a wealth of technological appeal and perfectly exemplify the innovative practicality of function willed into reality by the prospective advancements in mobile communications and vertical industries.