Roads to MBB 2020

Since the beginning, we've continually strived to be an enabler, building a better connected world through giving more people opportunities to connect and communicate,delivering new services across industries to revolutionise the way we work, creating new business opportunities, expanding the internet of things, and connecting the unconnected. We will continue to helping to unlock the full potential of mobile broadband. And we hope you will join us on the road to Mobile Broadband 2020.

MBB will present new challenges and new opportunities

Along with operators and industry partners, Huawei hads engaged the entire MBB ecosystem at the 2015 Global MBB Forum. MBB technology can be applied in many industries, presenting new challenges and new opportunities, connecting products and services, and improving people's lives.

Are you ready for 2020?

2020 may be a little far, but we are on the way with Huawei pointing us in the right direction.

What does a Better Connected World mean to you?

A sustainable way to see the future, connecting people like never before, presenting people with new opportunities, and make our lives easier.

What do you think of the 2015 Global MBB Forum?

The forum has attracted major players in the industry who have brought many interesting and refreshing ideas.

LG Uplus

Dr. Suntae Kim, CTO of LG Uplus, gives an insight into the South Korean operator's HD services and next-generation technology plans.

Futuristic Farming: How IoT is revolutionising the industry

Nikhil Narvekar, Director of Global Infrastructure Operations at AGCO, talks connected tractors at Huawei's Global Mobile Broadband Forum and the additional opportunities 5G will bring to the farming industry.

CNN asks whether mobile operators are ready for the era of video

Alex Wellen, Chief Product Officer at CNN, talks television, content and cellular networks.

Facebook: "We need operators to continue to partner with us"

Francisco Varela, Business Development, Facebook, talks about current cellular network challenges and how Facebook and other applications can overcome these challenges to ensure data reaches their users. Varela also discusses how Facebook might work with companies like CNN and Time in the future.

How can we enable the connected traveller?

Oscar Ramos, of Firefly, explains how the company is trying to upgrade the travel experience by improving the luggage. Ramos goes on to outline the technologies behind this concept and how Firefly is bringing the concept to the market.

NarrowBand IoT Demystified

NarrowBand IoT Demystified: What are the benefits and why do we need it?

Time's Erik Moreno looks at the business of world domination

Time's Executive Vice President of Business Development Erik Moreno outlines the highlights from his presentation at Huawei's Global Mobile Broadband Forum and discusses how the rise of mobile devices has changed the media industry.

Why Cloud Edge is vital for mobile network evolution

Total Telecom finds out the latest on Huawei's Cloud Edge solution from the company's Cloud EPC President Jason Dai.

5G, Create New Opportunities

As we step towards MBB 2020, we are looking forward to a fully connected world. The combination of holographic imaging, augmented reality, driverless car, smart factory, smart agriculture, smart logistics and 5G's ultra-high throughput, ultra-low latency and massive connections will stimulate an astounding transformation of our lives, improve work efficiency, and even inspire the creation of new business models and industries.

The Road to MBB 2020

Mobile World Live and Huawei explore the technology roadmap for the next five years.

The mobile Internet of Things market

The Internet of Things market has been hyped as the next big thing for the mobile industry. In this video feature Huawei, Visa, GSMA and Phillips give their views on where the market is heading.

The overall summary of the Global MBB Forum in Hong Kong

As this year's Global Mobile Broadband Forum takes place in Hong Kong. Playing host to thought-provoking debates on wireless network communications, the last three days have seen Huawei's Global Mobile Broadband Forum provide a platform for industry leaders and for the first time many vertical markets, leverage their strengths and opinions to shape the future of a better connected world.

5G and the technologies which will enable it

As this year's Global Mobile Broadband Forum takes place in Hong Kong, Leon Zhang, Marketing Director, 5G, at Huawei, describes the 5G-enabling technologies being showcased.

Introducing the Mobile Broadband Café

Philip Song, Director, Wireless Business Unit, Small Cell Marketing Department, at Huawei, takes Total Telecom on a tour of the Mobile Broadband cafe at Huawei's sixth Global Mobile Broadband Forum.

Twitter calls for network uniformity and context for content from operators

As Huawei's Global Mobile Broadband Forum discusses the networks of the future, Arvinder Gujral, Director, Business Development – APAC, Twitter, shares what he would like from operators – uniformity of experience across the world and context for content so that it is shared with operators' subscribers.

The role of MANO

NFV technology provides flexibility of network for operators. In order to maximize the value of the flexible network, a system is needed to manage and orchestrate the network resource. This system is MANO. Jiang Wangcheng, President of SingleOSS Product Line Huawei, discusses Management and Orchestration (MANO).

Welcome to the SON era

Self-Organizing Networks (SON) will play a key role in the mobile broadband networks of the future, including planning, engineering and maintenance stages. Samuel Chen, Vice President, SingleOSS Product Line, Huawei, discusses the challenges operators are facing and the benefits SON will bring.

Simplifying mobile broadband deployment

Stone Shi, President, Wireless Site, Huawei, explains Huawei's Wireless Site solutions and how it will help operators reduce OPEX and CAPEX even as their networks grow.

How can operators deal with consumers' ever-growing data consumption?

As data demands soar, operators are facing unprecedented demand so how can they accommodate this fast growth and turn the challenge into a business opportunity? Here, Veni Shone, President, TDD Product Line, Huawei, talks about Huawei's solution TDD Plus, which can increase spectral efficiency by up to five.

ROADS to MBB 2020

David Wang, President of Huawei Wireless Network Product Line, describes the company's MBB 2020 strategy, outlining a new mobile broadband blueprint for the next five years.

Telenor Serbia: Bringing Banking to All

Ingeborg Øfsthus, CTO of Telenor Serbia, tells Mobile World Live why the operator has launched a mobile banking service and its progress to date.

GSMA CTO on IoT opportunities

Alex Sinclair tells Mobile World Live of the challenges facing the mobile industry, as well as the opportunities from the IoT space and migration from 4G technology.

The Importance of Connections for IoT

Bill Gajda, SVP and Head of Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, Visa, tells Mobile World Live of the role the credit card giant is playing in the Internet of Things space.

Transforming the Future of Healthcare Through IoT

Alberto Prado, VP & Head of Digital Accelerator, Philips, tells Mobile World Live how the company is taking advantage of developments in the Internet of Things space.

2015 Global MBB Forum Day1 Highlights Video

In the first day of Global MBBF, over 1000 attendees including some of the world's largest mobile operators, industry leaders and policy makers attended the event. Huawei's current rotating CEO, Ken Hu gave a speech about setting the agenda and vision for MBB 2020 which ultimately will contribute to the growth of opportunities for a better connected world.

World leading One LTE network - 3HK

This is a story about water, this is a story about spectrum, and this is also a story about 3HK's world leading One LTE commercial network.

Peter Wong, Group Managing Director of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited, will tell you their own story.

During the MBB Forum 2015, 3HK, together with Huawei, will present you a world leading One LTE commercial network. Here you may enjoy

Are You Ready For 2020? Part 3 of 3

The concept of intelligent and autonomous driven vehicles has been circled around since the commercialization of the first generations of automobiles. Huawei’s LTE-V (LTE-Vehicle) solution, has already been embraced by the automobile industry as one of the best ITS (Intelligent Transport System) currently available on the market. Through industry collaborations with Bosch, SAIC, Jaguar Land Rover and Vodafone, Huawei is committed to connecting the driving experience for a Better Connected World.

Are You Ready For 2020? Part 2 of 3

The market for drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), has recently exploded around the world. And thanks to the latest in 4.5G technology, research into developing new capabilities and expanding their commercial applications has accelerated at a phenomenal rate. Drones can now push the boundaries of several industries with new potential uses and allow for control in scenarios that were until recently only imagined.

Are You Ready For 2020? Part 1 of 3

The promise of virtual reality (VR) has always been enormous. 4.5G technology is key to ensuring the successful and wide adoption of VR. 4.5G networks can provide Gbps-level high-bandwidth that would easily satisfy requirements for a smooth and organic VR experience. And with latency rates as low as 10ms, 4.5G can now enable VR to offer an experience that is truly beyond anything ever conceived and help make our world more open and better connected.

HKT: The Most Successful 1Gbps LTE Network in Hong Kong

On November 2nd to 5th at the 2015 Global MBB Forum, HKT along with Huawei will demonstrate the astoundingly fast 1Gbps LTE network. As the leading operator in Hong Kong, HKT selected Huawei as its partner vendor to supply the integrated network and project implementation, enabling HKT to become Hong Kong's largest mobile service provider. Join us in Hong Kong and experience the speed of a 1Gbps LTE network.

The 2015 Global MBB Forum Invitation Video

On November 2nd to 5th, the future of Mobile Broadband (MBB) will be unveiled at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. One of the industry's most highly anticipated events of the year, the 2015 Global MBB Forum will join the world's top operators along with MBB ecosystem and vertical industry leaders to encourage thoughtful discussions focusing on the vision, connectivity and innovation of MBB.