LTE-Vehicle (LTE-V) has become the bridge between telecom operators and automobile manufacturers. At HWMBBF15 held in Hong Kong, the future of intelligent transportation will be presented to the world. Guests will be offered the opportunity to get behind the wheel of an LTE-V embedded SAIC vehicle.

  • • LTE-V technology brings new opportunities to telecom operators in the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) market

  • • LTE-V technology, considered to be one of the optimal choices for effective Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is widely acknowledged by automobile manufacturers, vendors of automobile technologies and parts, vendors of communication solutions, and telecom operators

  • • Compared with other ITS solutions, LTE-V technology features low cost and rapid deployment since it can fully utilize existing base stations around the world

The cooperation between Huawei and leading automobile manufacturers is driving the production of vehicles equipped with wireless connection modules.

What can Huawei contribute to IoV with its vehicle-mounted mobile terminals?

Safety, high efficiency, and intelligence.

The mobile broadband networks can potentially help to prevent most traffic accidents by issuing early warnings and implementing necessary controls before a traffic accident can occur place.

In addition, the introduction of cloud-based intelligent control makes urban transportation more efficient and resource allocation more reasonable.

When navigation, multimedia, and location services on mobile broadband networks are closely related to the IoV and other vertical industries, our future life and commercial prospect will abound with opportunities.

In April 2015, Huawei and SAIC Motor presented the first LTE-V field demonstration with a base station at the 14th Annual ITS Asia Pacific Forum. In June 2015, Huawei, together with Vodafone and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), had also demonstrated LTE-V and conducted a field test in Gaydon, UK.

Huawei cooperates with China Mobile in Zhejiang, Alibaba Group, SAIC Motor and other partners in the industry chain to forge a 5G-evolvable LTE-V incubation base in Hangzhou. Huawei also works jointly with leading telecom operators and automobile manufacturers to conduct LTE-V performance tests, field demonstrations, standards formulation, and industrial cooperation.

For more information, join us at HWMBBF15 in Hong Kong as we guide you on the ROADS to 2020.