Here you will see how the challenge presented by the limitation of Shannon's law become a forward driving force of MBB, experience incredible possibilities with 1Gbps bandwidth, and enhanced IoT with cellular connectivity;

Here you will see how transcending architecture evolution redefines users & expanding services;

Here you will see 5G enabling technologies, 5G ecosystem and experience what's wider (eMBB)? what's more (mMTC)? what's faster (uMTC)?

The 2015 Global MBB Forum Exhibition Area will offer you a glimpse into the future of a better connected world.

Giga Mobile

  • • Easy site acquisition
  • • Provide sustainable superior performance
  • • Save OPEX over long term
  • • Smoothly adapting to future requirements

Indoor Digitalization

  • • Innovative indoor xGbps technology, inspiring MBB network potential
  • • Open service platform, maximize digital traffic value
  • • DIY Pico network, inspiring innovative business models

Experience 4.0

  • • Mobile vMOS: New standard for video performance assessment
  • • Video Coverage: New methodology for video centric strategic mobile network planning
  • • Real8 plus: Next generation Huawei video service

NB-IOT, Accelerating Cellular IOT

Connectivity is infusing new life into everything, expanding the limits of cellular networks, making everything reachable and perceivable.

  • • Low Cost Chipset & Module
  • • Low Device Power Consumption
  • • Deep Coverage & Wide Area
  • • Massive Device Connections

Network Architecture 2020

2020 technology is silently bearing the weight of increasing service requirements, network structure slicing is broadening the types of clients for mobile operators from smart phone users to OTT, IoT and vertical industries, upgrading from voice and traffic, expanding the capabilities of networks.

  • • Architecture reconstruction ensuring service agility
  • • MBB open-interconnect promoting service innovation
  • • Network slicing reshaping business models

5G Enabling Technologies

5G New Air Interface
• Unified air interface with high flexibility to meet diverse applications, and improve spectrum efficiency by at least 3 times without adding antenna and site
• Remote access to world's first multi-user 5G field trial @ sub-6GHz in Chengdu
• World's highest throughput 5G test bed @ sub-6GHz in Chengdu
5G New Architecture
• One network, many industries

5G Ecosystem

  • • Enhanced Mobile Broadband: virtual reality requesting user experience data rate to 300Mbps
  • • Ultra-reliable and Low Latency Communication: tactile internet requesting latency to 1ms
  • • Massive Machine Type Communication: connected port requesting connections to 1 million connections/km2
  • • Connected Drones: 3D connectivity, low latency, and broadband usage can enable drones to be used for live mobile video broadcasting, package delivery, saving lives, and agriculture management requirements


  • • Opens a new business window for mobile operators.
  • • LTE-V solution is recognized by Automotive Manufactures, Technology and Components Supplier, Telecommunication Technology Suppliers, Mobile Carriers, etc. LTE-V has become a valuable solution for ITS (Intelligent Transport System)
  • • Compare to other ITS solutions, LTE-V utilizes the global installed telecommunication base stations, with minimum upgrade, to support ITS
  • • This past June, Huawei cooperated with Vodafone and Jaguar-Land Rover to launch an LTE-V demo and conduct a field test in Gaydon, United Kingdom

Huawei Device, Make It Possible

The Best Mobile Device for the Ultimate Mobile Experience

  • • The Consumer Business Group is among Huawei’s 3 major business groups, providing a range of products including smartphones, mobile broadband (MBB) devices and home devices
  • • We ranked 3rd in global smartphone shipments in 2013 and 2014, and ranked 1st in global shipments of MBB devices consistently since 2006
  • • We are committed to bringing consumers the latest innovative technologies and strive to make dreams a reality for people everywhere

The Best Mobile Device for the Ultimate Mobile Experience

Co-Exhibitor: HKT

  • • Introducing HKT & Huawei joint innovative businesses (1Gbps/Litra/LWA/VoLTE)
  • • Experience HKT's service offerings (Tap & Go/Smart Living/Global Business/Power Locker)

Co-Exhibitor: 3HK

  • • In the dense and congested coverage area of Hong Kong, 3HK deploys One LTE commercial network, applying deep convergence of FDD and TDD
  • • 3HK debuts TDD+ on One LTE network
  • • 3HK and Huawei demo FDD+TDD LTE-A on commercial smartphones

Openness • Innovation • Cooperation • Win-Win Strategy

Compared with current MBB business models, the emergence of new industry partners will help us take our industry towards a brand new horizon with new possibilities.


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