On July 3-4, 2017, the ninth Huawei User Group Meeting will be held in Xi'an, China. The meeting adheres to "Listening, Collaborating, Improving" and emphasizes on excellent quality culture and spirit of craftsmanship. Huawei will focus on improving top issues, listening to customers’ voices, continually enhancing customers satisfaction, creating greater value for customers through high-quality products, solutions and services.

In this meeting, executives from the globe will develop in-depth communication to stimulate the network value, reduce costs, improve efficiency and enable future-oriented transformation. Huawei will report its 2016 top issues improvement results, and continue to listen to customers’ voices to identify our 2017 top issues. In the next year, Huawei will concentrate on new top issues, improve in every aspect, and demonstrate satisfying results.



2017 Top Issues Online Survey

July 2 | Day 0


Arrival/Attendee Registration

Showcase Visit

HUGM Advisory Board Pre-Conference

July 3 | Day 1


Welcome Speech


2016 Top Issues Improvement Showcase Visit & Lunch


2016 Top Issues Improvement Summary & Voting

HUGM Advisory Board Members Introduction

2017 Top Issues Group Discussion

Gala Dinner

July 4 | Day 2



2017 Top Issues Conclusions & Kick-off

2017 Top Issues Deep Dive

Showcase Visit & Lunch


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HUGM Advisory Board Post-Conference Meeting


Advisory Board Members

Last Year's at a Glance

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What are Huawei's Top Issue Projects

What are Huawei's Top Issue Projects

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The HUGM 2016 Summary Video

This video summarizes the highlights of this meeting which includes keynote speeches, top issue discussions, the mindshare, the exhibition hall & showcase tour and much more. As it also embodies the essence of HUGM, we wish to thank all our guests for attending and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Online Survey for Huawei User Group Meeting in 2017