Reshaping IT to Fuel Digital Banking Transformation

The financial services industry (FSI) is evolving rapidly and becoming increasingly unpredictable. Financial disintermediation, enhanced supervision, and customer behavior changes are all reshaping the industry. The FSI is impacted by new customer structures, innovative profiting modes, service channel development, and market environment changes. An increasing number of financial institutions are adjusting their strategies to cope with new challenges. Many of them are now exploring new markets, looking for new customers, changing profiting modes, developing new service channels, and reassessing market environments. And major industry players are taking bold measures to promote digital finance development.

Industry Cases

Russia Commissions New Credit Card Payment System

Established and controlled by the Central Bank of Russia, a new National System of Payment Cards (NSPC) has been installed. Signed into law in May 2014, the goal of the NSPC is to handle credit card and ATM transactions throughout the country and serve as a processing center for international payment systems. The Central Bank of Russia chose Huawei to implement the NSPC infrastructure.

FusionCloud Financial Application Successes

FusionCloud financial application success stories include the Spanish Stock Exchange, CITIC Trust, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Bank of China, Jilin Branch of China Construction Bank, and Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank

Joint Lab Enables Quick Shift to the Clou

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and Huawei established a lab to jointly develop and promote distributed cloud computing and distributed and Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

China Merchants Bank Invests in FusionInsight

China Merchants Bank implemented Huawei’s FusionInsight Big Data solution for their cloud-based Big Data business model. FusionInsight has an efficient IT platform and better network traffic management

Huawei Experts

Jiao Shiguang

Senior Expert Financial Services Industry Solution Dept Huawei Enterprise BG

Ping Chen

Senior Expert Financial Services Industry Solution Dept Huawei Enterprise BG