Guillaume Lemoine

Senior Broadcast Architect, TF1 group

Guillaume Lemoine is responsible for defining the technology roadmap and designing the core elements of TF1 audio-visual infrastructures. He works with internal engineering teams in order to make sure that projects are meeting not only their short term goals but are also set on a future proof path. Current focus is set on transitioning from Broadcast industry specific SDI interfaces to full IP network based solutions, as well as enabling cloud technologies.

Before that he started his career at TF1 leading the projects that completed the digital transformation of the News Production facilities as well as the first multichannel HD playout center in France, back in 2006.

Guillaume joined TF1 from Harris Automation (now Imagine Communications) where he developed and promoted the product line that brought extended News Automation to many broadcasters around the world.

Prior to this, Guillaume worked at Sony Broadcast, delivering turnkey solutions for playout and news automation in the French Market.

Speech subject:

Cloud Innovation Tides in the Media Industry