Leading Better Connected Industries

With professional multimedia trunking,Huawei eLTE Solution has been widely used in multiple industries around the world. Driven by new ICT technologies , Huawei OneAir Solution will lead the industry into a new future , designed to meet the communication needs of grid , rail , manufacturing , oil and gas , airports, port and other sectors, through a unified wireless network. Meanwhile, with the eLTE Industry Alliance platform,the industrial wireless communications will accelerate the industry into a new era .

Industry Cases

Kenyan Safe City Can Now Sleep Better

In the face of terrorist attacks from the Somali Youth League, the Kenyan government urgently needed a Safe City solution to improve safety across the country. The Ministry of Interior chose Safaricom, the country’s largest telecom company, for the project. Safaricom financed, built, and will manage the project for the Kenyan government for 5 years. They chose Huawei to deliver end-to-end solutions with stringent requirements for solution deliverability and pre-integration.

Zhengzhou Gets World’s First LTE Metro Line

With a population of nearly 13 million in the extended urban area, Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan province and a major economic, technological, educational, and transportation hub in east-central China. The Economist Magazine’s Intelligence Unit named it one of China’s 13 emerging megacities in 2012.

Polish Town Benefits with LTE Broadband Network

Ożarowice, Poland has a population of only 1,700. Communication networks in this region were very limited. Local Internet Service Providers provided some wireless access but offered poor coverage and few broadband Internet services to the public or government.

eLTE Solution Helps Trains Haul More

Constructed the by Shenhua Corporation, the world’s largest coal supplier and a Fortune 500 company, the 345 mile (588 km) Shuohuang Railway is the longest heavy haul railway constructed by Shenhua. The railway is required to increase annual transportation capacity to 350 million tons. A single train needs to increase from 5,000 to 20,000 tons.