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Enterprises are often challenged by the complexity and fixed nature of their aging data centers. We commonly see the lack of performance capacity necessary to handle the goals of advanced “Industry 4.0” application scenarios and reduced energy consumption. To address these challenges, organizations are increasingly moving to intelligent data center solutions that deliver the agility, reliability, and efficiency that support the rapid service deployment needed to compete and win in this new era.


Industry Cases

Modular Data Center Stars for Phoenix TV

Phoenix New Media (PNM) is a global, new media company with an integrated platform consisting of an Internet portal mobile channel, and video channel along with broadcast TV channels in Hong Kong and other Asian locations.

IDS1000-A Container Data Center Strikes Gold

Hatch Ltd. is an industry-leading consulting firm that provides technical and strategic professional services in IT, engineering, process development, and project and construction management to the mining, metallurgical, energy, and infrastructure industries.

Network Energy

You’ll find what you need in this full range of reliable, efficient, and intelligent network energy solutions. Huawei bases these solutions on its insight into ICT and your specific needs.

The Intelligent Micro Module, the Element of Intelligent Data Centers

Data centers have become a crucial, growing part of enterprises’ production and management systems and a valuable tool to promote competiveness and operating efficiency. But, as the demand for more information plus applications based on Big Data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IOT) continue to grow, traditional data centers are becoming large and unwieldy. The need to up-scale or out-scale data centers makes construction and management more difficult and complex, and enterprises face unprecedented challenges to their conventional methods and processes.

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