Communications customers today are pressing hard for positive service experiences. This is a major challenge for enterprise and digital service providers, and terminal vendors and developers. What’s more, with the arrival of 4G networks, mobile Internet applications, and intelligent terminals, positive experiences must be in real-time, on-demand, all online, DIY, and social (ROADS).
To deal with the challenge, operators are opening their telecom infrastructures and services such as voice communication, video communication, QoS control, real-time network location, and Gi-LAN Service Chain to help developers roll out new services. These stable, reliable capabilities can be applied to enterprise business processes, OTT Internet services, and vertical industries — all of which increase business revenue for developers — and improve service experience for subscribers.

Industry Voices

Convergence of CaaS Capability Openness and IT Information System

With integration of the CaaS communication capabilities, the SecondCRM provides optimal service experience and decreases the service duration by 20%.

Huawei CaaS Help Kalsym Enter the Enterprise Communication Market

The CaaS platform is easy to integrate and deploy, which helps Kalsym enter the enterprise communication market and create optimal call centers.

Huawei Helps 120Ask Increase Services by 30%

The Huawei CaaS solution uses carrier network capabilities to help 120Ask provide good user experience. The Click to Dial and Online Consultation services increase user consultation quantity by more than 30%.

Huawei Home Presence Awarded Best Innovative Future Comms Service at IMS World Forum

At the 2016 IMS World Forum, the Huawei Home Presence solution was awarded "Best Innovative Future Comms Service over IMS".

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