Leading New ICT, Making Cities Safer

In the face of increasing public safety incidents, a growing number of governments worldwide are capitalizing on leading new ICT to build Safe Cities and protect people’s lives and property. The mega-trend of better connectivity is promoting the rapid development and application of the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Broadband, Video Cloud, and Big Data in fields of comprehensive monitoring, early warning and contingency plan, emergency communications, and decision-making. These technologies help government agencies to stay informed of urban conditions and perform visualized command and efficient cross-agency collaboration during emergency response, facilitating the buildup of a comprehensive, intelligent public safety system.


Industry Cases

Protecting Enchanted Kenya

Kenya, known as the ’Cradle of Mankind,’ is famous for its vast, picturesque landscapes and extraordinary animal life. Unfortunately, the beauty and vitality of Kenya are challenged by a variety of internal and external threats such as criminal incidents and terrorist attacks, as well as routine public safety matters such as the handling of traffic accidents.

Cloud Computing Keeps “Oil City” Safe

The Karamay urban area is located in China’s northwest oil fields. After 50 years of development, Karamay has set up a comprehensive oil industry chain, covering oil and gas exploration and development, engineering technology services, oil technical services, petroleum refining, and downstream product processing.

LTE Police Communication Keeps River Safe

The renowned Lijiang River scenic area attracts millions of visitors annually and poses a challenge for the police who maintain public safety along the river’s 52-mile (83 km) length. This geographically diverse area is under the administration of the Guilin Municipal Police Department of Guangxi Province, China. The department needs to coordinate with other government agencies to handle issues ranging from over-fishing and unsafe watercraft to emergency rescues.

Industry Voices

Serbians Want eGovernment Safe City Solution

The Serbian Asst. Minister of the Interior discusses Serbia’s plans for Safe City projects and the country’s expansion into other areas of eGovernment IT, including cloud computing, web services, and health care systems

eLTE helps Amsterdam police catch criminals

eLTE helps police catch criminals with video, speech, and text communications on one device.

Bandung’s Safe City for Asia-Africa Conference

Telecom Indonesia and Huawei integrate command center communication with video, traffic surveillance

Huawei Experts

Hong-Eng KOH

Global Chief Public Safety Expert Huawei Enterprise BG

Jianhua Bai

General Manager Government Solution Dept Huawei Enterprise BG

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Huawei is Building an Open Safe City Platform

As the world urbanizes, and cities increasingly propel the economies of entire nations, the pressure on civic managers, first responders, and law enforcement agencies has never been greater. All it takes is a single high-profile incident to damage a city’s tourism, employment, and investment prospects.

Five Trends Make Cities Safer

Rapid urbanization has made public safety a top priority of city governance. Governments worldwide recognize that urban safety plays a vital role in protecting people’s lives and property, and is the cornerstone of economic growth in modern cities. To make cities smarter and safer, they are adopting innovative information and communications technologies (ICT) designed to prevent and react to evolving threats.

Gaining Visibility into Emergency Situations with Huawei Emergency Command Center 3 0

Quick response is of utmost importance for emergency handling. When peoples’ life and property are in danger, it is critically important that the public safety authorities immediately obtain the latest updates on the situation so that they can take effective measures to prevent the escalation of the situation and loss of lives. It is no exaggeration that in the case of emergencies, time is life.

With Big Data, The Public Is In Safe Hands

Expenditure on public safety in China has seen a breathtaking increase in recent years. One important reason for this is that the government has to invest huge amounts of money and labor to address a new challenge to public safety, namely the explosive growth of criminal activities. Criminals capitalize on emerging technologies, such as mobile communications, mobile Internet, and social media, to organize their illegal activities.

Five Innovative Technologies in Video Surveillance

Five emerging technologies will greatly improve the practical significance of large-scale video surveillance while minimizing labor and device costs. That’s because video surveillance systems are shifting from quantity to greater quality — flexible usage, resource sharing, and information mining, as well as supporting police actions.