Li Minguo

Founder of the “TianZi Biodiversity & Development Centre”

Ms. Minguo Li-Margraf, is founder of the “TianZi Biodiversity & Development Centre”, Deputy Chief Director of the “Chinese Institute of Environment & Resources Protection for Minority Areas” at Minzu University in Beijing.

She devotes herself to designing and implementing projects for the protection of Yunnan’s unique biodiversity and rich natural resources, focussing on sustainable rural development. Ms. Li-Margraf received a UN “Make China Beautiful” Award, “The 10 Most Influential Woman in Public Welfare” Award from All-China Women’s Federation, and a "Forest Chinese - 2014 Chinese Eco Hero" Award.

To realize Inter-Generation Equity, Ms. Li-Margraf has become the promoter and practitioner to recover and recreate Rainforest Life-style.

Keynote speech:

Rainforest: Tao of Connectedness