Big Data, Mining Enterprise Wisdom

In the era of global digitalization, the way of value flow has always been changing, every player is faced by OTT competition and has to fight harder to protect his own garden. The deep combination of ICT and industries makes it possible for players to rely on Big Data to improve operation and to expand profit earning channel. As the industry leader, Huawei Big Data has been helping Telecom, finance, public security and travelling etc. by FusionInsight platform, Data Analytics Solution, and Data Opening Solution, and meanwhile, capability opening and industry cooperation has always been in Huawei’s action map for big data ecology development and business innovation. Welcome to visit Big Data area for more information.

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Improve telco big data efficiency and utilization

Big data is key for industry digital revolution. Big data has established itself as one of the key competitive differentiators in the emerging digital economy. Companies that have embraced big data and put insights into action are revolutionizing entire industries – just look at Uber, AirBnB and Facebook. But the benefits of big data aren’t limited to emerging companies. Many tried-and-true enterprises such as GE, UPS and Bank of America are also using big data to stay ahead of the competition.

Huawei Bears Open Source Gifts From China

Chinese technology giant Huawei has frequently been the subject ofsuspicion and sanction, particularly in the United States. But it’s also a company that produces key pieces of technology infrastructure, and an active contributor to various international open source initiatives. This week, at OSCON in Portland, Huawei announced the release of a new open source project, Astro. Astro tightly integrates the database capabilities of Apache HBase with the online query and analytics power of Apache Spark, potentially bringing Spark-powered data science a step closer to the huge structured data stores locked up inside many global enterprises.