Accelerate cloud transformation, Capture trillion-dollar vertical markets

Innovative Cloud Business: Go vertical become next wave, Huawei enables carriers to capture cloud services market opportunity.
Build Cloud Architecture: Cloud transformation is accelerated, Huawei helps carriers to cloudify Infrastructure, enable Cloud-based operation.
Enrich Cloud Ecosystem: Digital Ecosystem become thriving, Huawei Fosters Collaboration among Carriers and Partners to enrich business applications & Technological Solutions.

Industry Cases

Cloud VoLTE network

Carrier business is changing quickly, how traditional telecom carriers to improve the quality of service and to explore new areas?

Phoenix TV Accelerates Globalization with DC²

China Telecom International successfully developed global public cloud services, and has become world-class integrated IT service provider.

Carrier Transformation with Cloud

How to reconstruct carriers’ network and business? DT T-Systems create great value for customers with cloud computing, big data and other emerging technologies.

Industry Voices

Dr. Tanomsakyut of True Corporation Talks about Telco Transformation

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of any business transformation. True Corporation believes that telcos must enhance platform agility and drive fundamental changes.

Big Video, Big Business

Demand for high-definition video is growing explosively. For telecom operators, developing video services can be the key to vast new markets.

Embracing the Revolution:Success in a Better Connected World

Our Better Connected World is a smart world, one that is driving the emergence of a new business landscape. Digital and network technologies are developing much faster than predicted.

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Open ROADS to a Better Connected World

The future promises a Better Connected World. We are ready to listen, share, and contribute; we are ready to begin this epic journey with our partners; we are ready to build an open digital ecosystem that powers the industry and benefits all. Huawei invites you to join us on the Open ROADS to a Better Connected World.

Open collaboration to create a Better Connected World

By 2020 networks and devices will have evolved beyond recognition, with the advent of the super-phone, 5G connectivity, and high performance video. This presents a golden opportunity for businesses to create new products and services within this period of digital transformation over the next 4 years.

Telco OS - Enabling Telco Transformation to Digital Operator

Thechange of user behavior and demand is the major driving force of digitaltransformation of Telecom industry. Due to Internetization and digitalization, ROADS(Real-time,On-demand,All-online, DIY and Social) becomes new benchmark of digitaluser experience and demand. A new agile digital operation model is pivotal toprovide ROADS user experience, enable digital transformation and realize themaximum business value of service providers. Telco OS is a vision, solution andoperation system for Telco digital transformation, which aims to provide fastresponse to customer need through the orchestration of business enabling,infrastructure enabling and big data engine. Telco OS is not only a platform,and software/hardware products, but also enabling system for different users.For end users Telco OS serves as digital marketplace for digitalized telecomproducts and other types of digital merchandize; for operators Telco OS servesas an integrated development and operation system; for partners Telco OS servesas channels and business development platform.