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· Unified management for wired & wireless network
· Intelligent deployment
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Unified Wired & Wireless

Huawei 10GE campus network solution implements integrated wired/wireless access. Wireless access controllers (ACs) are integrated on switches and the same security policies, network devices and user management policies are deployed for wired and wireless users. Wireless and wired networks are seamlessly interconnected, reducing network management and maintenance costs.
Wired/wireless integrated network solution• Huawei is one of a few vendors that can provide chassis switches with integrated AC cards. Huawei also provides a wide variety of energy-saving PoE switches and intelligent wireless access products.
• The wired and wireless networks use the same AAA policy server and same security devices.
• The highly efficient unified network management system simplifies management and reduces O&M costs.

Huawei 10GE campus network solution has the following advantages in terms of mobility: • Huawei has rich experience in the wireless communications industry and has developed industry-leading wireless technologies. Huawei APs support intelligent antennas, built-in antenna array, dynamic user detection, and sector radio transmission to reduce co-frequency interference. These technologies reduce the number of APs required on an enterprise network by 15% and improve the user throughput of APs by 20% in multi-user access scenarios.
• Huawei WLAN products use third-generation chips and industry-leading technologies to support high-density user access (see Figure 10). Third-generation chips use a precise weighted algorithm to provide more stable radio signals for wireless terminals. Thanks to Huawei's 3G technology R&D experience (Huawei has obtained more than 200 patents for core wireless technologies since 2010), the 10GE campus network solution features seamless Wi-Fi and 3G network integration.Huawei 10GE campus network solution can help enterprises deploy a high-performance wired/wireless integrated campus network. Huawei intelligent network management system makes WLAN network deployment and management much easier.

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