We firmly believe that the knowledge gap between countries can and should be bridged in the digital age. We believe that knowledge and skills are essential to the growth of individuals and organizations.


Future Proof

December 5th, 2020


We are hosting the first webinar with international student organization AIESEC series on Dec 5h 2020 for students discussing how to make a difference to the world while navigating uncertainty where we have a great line up of sessions and we are celebrating the International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development.
We have Holy Ranaivozanany and Carsten Senz as representative for Huawei's seeds for the future program and invited distinguished speakers from OECD, One Young World, ADB Youth for Asia for the webinar.

FINISH Huawei eco-Connect Europe

The fifth edition of Huawei eco-Connect Europe October 20–21, 2020 Over two days, we’ll focus on cooperation with customers and partners, with joint solutions that bring value to businesses and support the unified evolution of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). During the event, you’ll have access to more than ten forums as well as a virtual online showroom where you can.

FINISH ICT Competition

The global final of the Huawei ICT Competition 2019–2020 was held online from November 6 to 14. With the theme of "Connection, Glory, and Future", this event aimed to build an international platform for competition and communication for college students worldwide, increasing their ICT knowledge, enhancing their practical skills, and improving their innovation awareness. The fifth Huawei ICT Competition attracted nearly 150,000 students from more than 2,000 universities in over 82 countries. Through the national and regional competitions, about 104 teams of 312 students reached the final stage to participate in this competition focused on hands-on practice and innovation.


  • At Huawei, we believe that technology innovation can be led by women, and technology in its end can empower women.
  • Huawei's female employees have been playing a unique role and making important contributions to the company.
  • In the digital era, we hope to bridge the digital gender gap through education, whether it's college education or social training, to give women more opportunities to participate in the digital profession.
  • —Ms. Chen Lifang, Corporate Senior Vice-President and Director of the Board

Tingting Bian

Meet Tingting, an adventurous engineering graduate who spent 8 years in Africa before becoming an advocate to help spread digital skills and knowledge. How does she do it? Watch to find out.


Juan Du

Sometimes life changes faster than we expect. For Du Juan, she believes in initiating changes before they happen, as she blazes new trails in the tech world. Come meet the director of #Huawei’s #TECH4ALL initiative. #WomenInTech #Huawei4Her


Fei Liu

Of course, life isn’t all about work. What does it take to be a full-time parent by night and a cybersecurity executive by day? Meet Liu Fei, Huawei’s Chief Cyber Security Researcher. #WomenInTech #Huawei4Her


Daisy Zhu

Daisy Zhu is called the ”5G lady“ by her colleagues. She’s one of the first women working on promoting knowledge about 5G.


Yan Chen

Yan Chen started working on 5G research since 2012 and has developed the first 5G lab tours in Huawei Shenzhen headquarter.


Angeliki Dedopoulou

Angeliki works at Huawei EU office in Brussels, on the policy area of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Green, etc,


Pallavi Malhotra

Pallavi Malhotra was one of the first certified women engineers in the UK. Now she designs training programs for young students and professionals.


Maureen Mwaniki

Joined Huawei Kenya as an engineer 7 years ago, she now works through a Huawei women initiative to empower young Kenyan women.


Olivera Zatezalo

In 2020, Olivera was named as one of Canada’s Top Women in Cyber Security by two industry associations, for her work in spearheading security initiatives.



Huawei co-organizes BRICS Women Innovation Contest

In 2021, the BRICS Women Innovation Contest (hereafter referred to as the Contest), jointly organized by the Chinese Chapter, WBA, and co-sponsored by the Indian, Russian, Brazilian, and South African Chapters, WBA, hits the ground. The registration starts on March 25th, and an award ceremony will be held at the end of June.



Empowering Women in Rural Area

In 2017, together with Bangladesh ICT Division and Robi Axiata, Huawei launched digital training buses, benefiting 240,000 women in rural area.



DigiTruck—Class is Open Anywhere

Together with the partners, Huawei has built a mobile classroom with the aim of bringing digital skills to under-served communities in Kenya。



Connect, empower and support women

In 2019, Huawei Kenya launched its Women In Technology Huawei Initiative known as WITH,to support women in the workplace.



Digital Arab Talents White Paper—Arab

September 2019

Digital Arab Talents And Workforce For The Fourth Industrial Revolution


ICT Talent Development — Kuwait 2020

October 2020

KFAS's partnership with Huawei Technologies Kuwait will drive the development of technology for the benefit of society, research, and enterprise in Kuwait.


Digital Talent Review(Morocco)

December 2020

Matching Digital Skills And The Employability Pipeline in Morocco

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