F5G and 5G Will Change Society

Mobile communication has entered its fifth generation, and fixed networks are following closely. In 2020, ETSI has announced the F5G working group to promote the evolution to Fibre to Everywhere.

  • Changing lives


    Voice era

  • Changing lives


    Web era

  • Changing lives


    Video era

  • Changing lives


    4K era

  • F5G

    Cloud VR era

Improved Bandwidth, Connectivity, and Experience

10-fold bandwidth and 100-fold connections for homes, enterprises, and smart cities to build an all-optical digital future

  • Ultra-High Bandwidth

    Supporting gigabit homes, 10-Gigabit buildings, and terabit campuses with new fibre technologies

  • Full-Fibre Connectivity

    Fibre to every room, desktop, and machine, achieving 100,000 cascading connections per square kilometer

  • Ultimate Experience

    μs-level latency, zero packet loss, and 99.999% availability for VR and financial services

Intelligent OptiX Network, Achieving Ubiquitous Optical Connectivity
Towards the F5G era, Huawei launches Intelligent OptiX Network strategy to bring ultimate service experience to every person, home and organization by building an intelligent, simplified, ultra-broadband, and ubiquitous all-optical network.

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F5G+X, Enabling Industry Verticals

F5G brings gigabit connectivity not only to every home, but also to every hospital, office, and school to accelerate the digital transformation of all industries.