To the Explorers

Beyond borders, beyond barriers, beyond limits

In a world of opportunities, many more await their discovery. Huawei believes a bold spirit of Exploration can unfold exciting journeys leading to innovation, inspiration and ideas. Directed by a perceptive sense of curiosity, Exploration is the spirit that energizes and empowers the future to a better connected world.

Exploration drives innovation

The Explorers 'Borderless Universe' — Ron Garan

"We had just become a different species, no longer confined to our planet," says Ron Garan, former American NASA astronaut and F-16 pilot, "I wanted to be a part of that group of explorers."

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The Explorers 'Designed by Nature' – JAY HARMAN

The Explorers 'The Girls Protecting Paradise' — Melati and Isabel Wijsen

The Explorers 'Inside the Mind of a Mathematician' — Cedric Villani

The Beauty of Technology

The Brilliance of Exploration

Exploration is discovery

Boldly Exploring a Hybrid Society

Gazing out at the starry sky, seeing the billions upon billions of galaxies, the history of humanity seems so short in comparison. Since the time of Thales of Miletus, who noticed that rubbing a piece of amber against fur generated static electricity, humanity has seen over two millennia of scientific progress. And the progress in the past century has rapidly accelerated.

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Uncertain Future, Certain Opportunity

Philosophers view the scientific knowledge that we have like a flashlight in the dark, but the amount of space that is illuminated is limited. The majority of knowledge in scientific fields is still unknown to us. There are many unknowns and many uncertainties.

From a Follower to an Explorer — New Elements of the Huawei Culture

Over the past thirty years, Huawei has primarily been a follower in the industry. In order to become a thinker and pioneer of industry development, the company needs to build capabilities in research and innovation, and cultivate a culture and ecosystem that encourages exploration.

Forecasting the Future: Helping a Gorilla to Imagine a Black Swan

When exploring future possibilities, there will always be predictions and assumptions. But the future is complex, and how can forecasts be made in an uncertain world?

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