Seven days, ten locations, 2,500 kilometers, across Kenya, to create eight new signature shots of the country I call home. Follow me as I go on a journey to reveal a new perspective on Kenya, all the way from the top of Huawei/Safaricom cell towers.

Before even coming close to a telecommunication cell tower, professional training and certification is a must. As is with the compulsory safety gear which I wear to scale heights. All certified climbers are called Riggers. I guess you can call me a Rigger Photographer.

The view up here is like nothing else. It’s the first time anyone from the outside has been up to these mysterious communication towers. The very structures that connect our world is now giving us a new visual connection to modern Kenya.

Huawei Kenya Sustainability Report 2018

This report focuses specifically on Huawei Kenya and is accurate as of August 1, 2018. It primarily focuses on 2017-2018, but as our first sustainability report in Kenya, it also includes some key projects from previous years.

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Kenya new POV - Photographer’s Journey II

Kenya new POV - Photographer’s Journey I

"Sea the Sunrise"

Exploration starts with safety first

Kenya new POV - Rigger Training

Before the photography project began, Mutua and his assistant, Trevor, were put through professional training and received full certification to climb the Huawei/Safaricom cell towers. Exclusive bonus photos included in this collection.

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Mutua Matheka figuring out a safety knot

Mutua poses with his equipment (except his camera)

Mutua Matheka is now qualified to climb cell towers

Exploration knows no limits

Kenya new POV - The Making Of

See how Mutua and his assistant, Trevor, achieved the stunning Kenyan landscape photos through extraordinary effort, focus and courage. Exclusive bonus photos included in this collection.

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Photographer Mutua Matheka (L) and an associate take shots from a cell tower in Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya

Photographer Mutua Matheka contemplates his next shot by the coast in Mombasa, Kenya

Photographer Mutua Matheka takes a selfie midway up a cell tower in Timau, Kenya

To the Explorers

In a world of opportunities, many more await their discovery. Huawei believes a bold spirit of Exploration can unfold exciting journeys leading to innovation, inspiration and ideas. Directed by a perceptive sense of curiosity, Exploration is the spirit that energizes and empowers the future to a better connected world.