Connecting Youth

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William Xu,Chief Strategy Marketing Officer, Huawei: Enthusiastic and full of dreams, digital natives habitually create new worlds. They drive change by questioning and challenging the old, while embracing the new. Born into a world filled with computers, networks, and other devices, they develop unprecedented characteristics and perspectives.

As populations continue to grow and as connectivity spreads to every corner of the world, we will soon find that digital natives have become the majority.

Connecting with Digital Natives

By Sally Gao & Jason Patterson

Young people have always invented the new and disrupted the old. Many of today’s young people have grown up native users of computers, other electronics, and the Internet. They represent not just one generation among many, a new kind of human being, who will reshape the world through ICT.

Digital Natives: Engaged, not Distracted

By Jason Patterson

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Don Tapscott, author of Growing Up Digital and Grown Up Digital, is an expert on digital natives. In this interview, he goes into detail about how he sees nothing wrong with their attention span, ability to focus, or work habits. He thinks that their brains are more appropriate for the complex demands of the 21st century.

Change is coming: Can you hack it? Change is coming: Can you hack it?

By Morgan Hatrick

As the world’s infrastructure grows increasingly programmable, the importance of those who can read and write code will only grow. Hackathons are where the programming elite gather to celebrate coding culture. WinWin recently attended such an event in Singapore to better understand the hacker ethos through some of its best representatives.

Connected young, social for life

By Morgan Hatrick

Aaron Jones started out after college as a photographer on a cruise ship.He now runs his own fashion label, a social enterprise that provides much needed jobs and skills in Cambodia. None of this remarkable metamorphosis would have been possible without ICT.

Digitals as customers: Get ‘em Involved

By Jason Patterson

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According to digital marketing guru Tom Goodwin, digital native customers are fickle, demanding, suspicious, self-sufficient, and otherwise challenging. In fact, since they expect things for free, he doesn’t see them as customers at all. How do businesses sell to people who won’t think to buy? The answer is involvement.

Entrepreneurship: The bold play Entrepreneurship: The bold play

By Grace Qian

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Grace Qian is a successful app developer and entrepreneur, and she is not yet 30 years old. she shares her thoughts on what makes for a successful app, what’s hot in the Chinese business scene, and how to reach digital natives in China.

China’s Digitals: Connected Individuals China’s Digitals: Connected Individuals

By Cao Zhihui & Xuehua

Digital natives are in the process of turning China upside-down. The 20th century saw China reshaped by wars, revolutions, and industrialization, but it was the Internet that proved the most disruptive. Its digital natives grew up in an age of relative choice and plenty. They’re dreamers by nature, and diligent when they choose. China will never be the same again.

Digital Natives: Plug & Play Employees Digital Natives: Plug & Play Employees

By Julia Yao & Pan Tao

Digital natives are now joining the workforce, but who they are and what they want, and the great power they wield in terms of technology, is shifting the burden of adaptation from employee to employer. Why? Because business’s increasing dependence on ICT is shifting the balance of power. As the reach of ICT grows, so does the reach of digital natives.

Brazil: The connected life Brazil: The connected life

By Roberta Prescott

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Brazilian journalist Roberta Prescott provides a special report regarding the status of connectivity in Latin America’s largest market. Brazil punches above its weight in both Internet participation and the art of futebol. Millions of digital natives came of age just in time for 2014’s biggest sporting event, and a closer look reveals a world being reshaped, both by digital natives and for them.