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Accelerating ICT Transformation,
Building a Better Connected World

CommunicAsia 2016 | 31 May – 3 June | Singapore

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a Better Connected World

CommunicAsia2016 Summit features case study packed conference tracks, site visits, and master classes over 4 days of intense learning and networking to address the need for creating meaningful discussions on digital transformation and disruption.

As a leading global ICT solutions provider, Huawei considers this a great opportunity to exchange our ideas with the world. We hope you will join us in discovering the endless opportunities to connecting the future now and together, we open ROADS to “Building a Better Connected World”.

>>> Highlights

experience digitization

Today, cutting-edge technology is changing the way we conduct our lives and the way connectivity reaches even the far ends of the world, moving towards amazing advances with infinite possibilities. Soon, connectivity will be everywhere and given the increasing demand, all industries will be facing the pressures and opportunities of digital transformation.

In this gathering, Huawei will continuously conduct our journey of Building a Better Connected World, focusing on the strategies and solutions that could accelerate the digital transformation within countries and industries, thus propelling thriving digital economies and enhancing ubiquitous global connectivity for the world.

>>> Speakers
Alex Cheng Yu Wee

CTO, IT, Data Centre and Cloud Solution Sales, Global Solutions Elite Team (Asia Pacific Branch).

John Vidler

South Pacific Regional Director Solutions NICT Solutions Marketing Department

Alex Wang Yufeng

Director of Huawei MBB Solution Support Dept, WN (Products & Solutions)

Johnny Zhang Kejing

Director Fixed Broadband Strategy & Planning of Huawei South Pacific Fixed Network Marketing

Sue Bryant

Director of Huawei South Pacific Solutions Marketing

Mohd Azlan Bin Zainudin

Network Architect Huawei South Pacific Solutions Marketing Dept

Frank Ip

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Huawei