>>> Video Connections Make For a Closer, Brilliant Life — Huawei Big Video Vision

Today's world is full of numerous surprising and magic progresses, which have benefited a lot of people. With its constant striving, Huawei has provided services for one third of the world's population across 140 countries. We have closely connected multitudinous data systems, enterprises, cities, and people all over the world, facilitating work efficiency improvement and industry transformation and delivering ROADS experience to each subscriber.

We know that 70% of external information comes from human eyes, the efficiency of video transmission is the geometric ratio than voice and writing. Video is becoming a mainstream way for people to get and share information, and also a new business opportunity for telecom operators. Video will bring billions of dollars for the ICT industry market. In 2020, it is expected that 85% of the data traffic will come from video, video will become a new basic business for telecom operators.

In the coming big video era, Huawei believes that video is an absolute demand of people's life, Video experience is a key factor in video service development, and video will bring your life completely new premium experience.

So Huawei brings up Huawei big video vision: Video Connections Make For a Closer, Brilliant Life. How video changes people’s life and bring your life completely new premium experience? Huawei thinks it mainly reflects in below four features.


Video as the main carrier of information, will connect billions of people and tens of billions of terminals and applied to all fields of life. FMC network solutions provide multiple access ways via multi-screen terminals and let people watch videos anytime, anywhere, via any device. So, video like water, will seep into every corner of our life and become omnipresent.


Huawei believes that video will be with us in every moment of our life, to share happiness, in fields like education, tourism, games, communication, health care, and security protection. It will make the information transmission more vivid and bring more convenience. These are the whole scenarios of video applications, so Huawei brings up the big video everywhere concept. The big video includes three categories, one category is entertainment video, like OTT, IPTV that we all familiar with, one is industry video like home monitoring, remote medical treatment, driverless, video customer service, another is communication video, of which the most popular service is video call . All these video applications have become an indispensable part of our life.


In video era, Huawei has proposed the ROADS experience: Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY, and Social experience. ROADS requires ultimate experience, based on this requirement, service like 4K and 8K ultra high definition video, service like VR,AR, 360-degree video, all provide people unprecedented visual experience, it immerses you in the stories on the screen and tells you the secrets behind the screen through augmented reality. Video gives you a third eye to see the world and reveals visual experiences that you may never have. Video will add fun to your life and transport you to a wonderland.

At the same time, Huawei has put forward the user-oriented video experience measurement system evaluation standard U – vMOS, which provides a unified video experience evaluation standard across multi-screens, multi-networks and multi -service. U-vMOS will help operators to evaluate the network's ability to support premium video business, help to improve video business operational ability, and boost the CP/SPs to improve their service quality, promote the competitiveness in the industry, finally to provide end users with the best experience of video business.


With the rapid development of Internet, the demand of end-user for video consuming is keeping changing .Huawei Big data analysis and smart operation solution, open EPG interface and mobile APP interface, etc, all these solutions help to recommend best video choices to you according to your preferences, friend circle, and behavior data . Huawei big video solution will be more know you than yourself and gives you premium tailored video experience.

In the upcoming future, trillions of connections will link everyone, everything and everywhere. Huawei has been working hard in video field for more than twenty years and Huawei believes that video connections make for a closer, brilliant Life. And Huawei is committed to build a Open Roads to a better connected world.

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