Broadband development has entered a new phase, one that demands new strategic thinking and innovative solutions. To address this challenge, Huawei proposes our new strategy for ultra-broadband, known as BOOST, built around four key areas – Broadband Salami, Engagement, Synergy and On-demand.


SoftCOM is a future-oriented end-to-end ICT network architecture that Huawei has developed based on cloud computing, SDN, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and network openness to help carriers address the market opportunities and challenges posed by ICT integration, as well as to build an interconnected, innovative, and open industry eco-system to integrate value chains.

Meet Our Speakers

BOOST, Ultra-BB Business Model

Daniel Tang
CTO of Huawei Network Business Unit
14:50-15:10 pm, Wednesday, Oct.23 , 2013

IP+Optical Synergy

Jorge Rodriguez
Director of Huawei Solution Marketing
13:00-13:20 pm, Thursday, Oct.24 , 2013

SoftCOM: The Way for Carrier Network Migration and Business Transformation

Jeffery Gao
Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Huawei Western Europe Region
12:40-13:00 pm, Tuesday, Oct.22, 2013

Profiting from the connected world with IP video

David Strehlow
Vice President of Marketing, Huawei Digital Home Product Line
14:50-15:10 pm, Thursday, Oct.24 , 2013

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