Supporting Network Stability

Over three decades, we have always put secure and stable network operations at the forefront of our corporate social responsibility and mission. We are well aware of the responsibility on our shoulders. A network failure would cause significant losses to our customers, consumers, and society as a whole. That is why we have built a comprehensive customer network assurance system to offer better services to our customers and quicker access to networks for individuals.

We have always been in the heart of the action. Whether it was in the radioactive fallout of Fukushima or the earthquake-stricken areas of Nepal, our employees have held their ground. When others fled, our employees went in. This is because we know how important network connectivity is for people during a disaster.

More than 5,000 Huawei customer support engineers and maintenance experts provide 24/7 service worldwide. Huawei has established two global and ten regional technical assistance centers. Huawei's network assurance team is always there for customers, helping them ensure stable network operations, maintain smooth communications, and quickly recover from network failures.

In 2019, we supported smooth communications for more than one-third of the world's population, and the stable operations of over 1,500 networks in more than 170 countries and regions. We guaranteed network availability during more than 200 natural disasters and major events such as the major power outage in Indonesia, the earthquake in the Philippines, and typhoons Hagibis and Bualoi in Japan.

Tech4all environment

Huawei's technical assistance centers worldwide

STORY-Supporting Network Stability During Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

On June 6, 2019, the network assurance project for Ramadan in Saudi Arabia was successfully completed. During the festival, Huawei's network assurance team worked on our customer's premises and supported their networks 24/7. There were no network incidents, major issues, or complaints during this period.

The success of the project was largely due to being fully prepared ahead of time – Huawei's network assurance team had begun to identify and mitigate possible risks in February 2019. These risks included things that might undermine network stability like old equipment deployed on live networks, spikes in demand for 4G, and a large number of concurrent users. To ensure network stability, experts were mobilized from Huawei's frontline and second-line support teams. They conducted a thorough examination of network equipment to mitigate possible risks.

Huawei's network assurance team solved more than 5,000 problems and potential risks, developed contingency plans for more than 300 scenarios, and carried out drills with the customer on key contingency plans. In the end, the team managed to support stable network operations during Ramadan. This project demonstrated Huawei's technical expertise and helped us win the customer's respect.

STORY-Huawei Employees Guaranteed Smooth Network Operations After a Major Power Outage Hit Indonesia

At noon on August 4, 2019, the Java Island was hit by a major power outage – the largest it had seen in the last two decades. High-speed trams stopped suddenly and shopping malls went dark. More than 30 million people in Jakarta and the surrounding areas were affected. Local carrier networks were set to experience large-scale disconnection when their communications equipment exhausted their batteries.

About 15 minutes after the accident occurred, the O&M director of a local carrier and Huawei's network assurance team determined to initiate their assurance plan for power failure. Huawei Indonesia's business continuity and network assurance teams arrived at their network monitoring center immediately and kicked off a repair plan. This plan included dispatching diesel generators to ensure central equipment rooms and backbone sites could continue operating by sending additional subcontractor workers to replenish generator fuel and repair faulty generators, and organizing experts to review and activate an anti-shock plan for any potential spikes in data traffic. This helped minimize communication interruptions caused by the large-scale power outage.

Huawei's network assurance team and the customer did everything they could to repair the affected sites and restore communications services. A total of 141 onsite emergency recovery teams were deployed and 899 generators were dispatched. On August 6, after three long days, all communications network services were restored. Huawei and the customer managed to ensure the rapid recovery of the affected networks and guarantee smooth communications for more than 30 million residents in Indonesia despite the largest power outage the nation had seen in two decades.

Customer and Huawei engineers working onsite for network recovery       Network assurance team for the large-scale power outage in Indonesia

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STORY-Supporting Communications Recovery after Istanbul's Earthquake

On September 26, 2019, Turkey's largest city Istanbul was struck by a 5.7-magnitude earthquake, seriously disrupting the communications services of multiple local carriers. About 20 million users had difficulty making voice calls.

Five minutes after the earthquake, Huawei initiated a network assurance and emergency plan. Within 15 minutes, Huawei Turkey's general manager led a team of 15 communications maintenance experts to the customer network O&M center. The team was joined by Turkey's deputy minister in charge of telecommunications and the CTO of the carrier, who provided onsite guidance to restore services. The second-line and third-line teams from Huawei's Global Technical Assistance Centers (GTACs) put 40 personnel on standby in the emergency recovery room. The business continuity team worked out a traffic control solution for the emergency within 20 minutes to relieve network congestion. Within one hour, eight engineers were dispatched to the telecom equipment room in the capital to restore services together with the customer's maintenance engineers.

A total of 128 personnel from Huawei's network assurance team and the customer worked together to overcome the challenges caused by the earthquake and ensure smooth network communications as fast as possible. After 36 long hours, all services had been restored. The deputy minister of Turkey's telecommunications division thanked Huawei's general manager in person for our support. 

Security and trustworthy

Huawei network assurance team and our Turkish customer restoring networks together

STORY-Supporting Network Stability During Typhoon Hagibis 

On October 12, 2019, Typhoon Hagibis made landfall in Japan. Subway stations in the Greater Tokyo Area were closed on October 10 and 1,126 flights were canceled. Huawei's network assurance team immediately initiated its contingency plan for natural disasters. 

To ensure uninterrupted technical support, Huawei sent four network maintenance teams to join the local carrier's emergency repair team starting on October 12, so that communications could continue in three key sites. A technical support team inspected the network status with the customer every day and provided 24/7 services to respond to network failures as soon as possible. Huawei's team also reviewed the shortage of spare parts with the customer to replenish local inventory. This was to ensure that key spare parts were available and that networks could be repaired quickly. 

On October 17, the carrier issued a notice, saying that all of its services had been restored. We had once again shown our commitment to supporting smooth network communications by working alongside our customers.