Huawei Launches Spark Ignite 2022 for Thai Start-ups


[Bangkok, Thailand, 1 August, 2022] Spark Ignite 2022 – Thailand has been launched by Huawei and its partners from the government and the private sector. This competition is intended to accelerate innovation within Thai startups and promote their products and services to help them compete in today's global market. The competition is also an important part of Huawei’s commitment to supporting Thailand in becoming the "Digital Hub of ASEAN" by fostering digital talent across the country.

Spark Ignite

Huawei Launches Spark Ignite 2022 – Thailand Startup Competition

Spark Ignite 2022 – Thailand is currently open to all startups who want to push the boundaries of their perceived limits and achieve their dreams by partnering with Huawei. Huawei will also provide ICT technology support, capital resources, and commercial know-how to the startups who join the program.

The first place winner of the competition will receive US$40,000 in cash, US$125,000 in credit on Huawei Cloud, and an opportunity to bring their products and company onto another level using Huawei's onto a global platform. They will also receive a place in the Top 50 Global Startups of SLINGSHOT 2022 competition, as part of the SLINGSHOT x SWITCH event. Up to 25 participants of Huawei Spark Ignite 2022 will be eligible for prizes.

Thai Minister of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn said, "Over the last few years, Thailand has accelerated its digital economic and social development in line with our national strategy. Together, government authorities, industry partners, start-ups, and digital products developers in Thailand have all been able to contribute to the growing digital ecosystem that our growing digital infrastructure and data economy has fostered, and Thai. Huawei has demonstrated its continued commitment to laying a solid foundation through a variety of initiatives, including the Spark project, which further supports this ecosystem growth."

Huawei Thailand CEO Abel Deng spoke about the goals of the Spark Ignite 2022 - Thailand startup competition: "Huawei believes that the key to drive sustainable digital development lies in a thriving SME and start-up ecosystem. Innovation never stops, and neither will our commitment to supporting Thailand’s digital ecosystem. Looking into the future, we remain committed to cultivating SMEs in Thailand through Spark Program which we hope will ignite the potential of Thai start-ups and help Thailand become a Digital Hub for the ASEAN region."

Asst. Prof. Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, President of Thailand's Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), also explained that the Thai government recognized the gaps in terms of strategy, skills, digital capabilities, and funds between digital startups and large corporations in Thailand. Because of this, he said, "We are thankful for Huawei's continued work with the DEPA through important programs like Spark Ignite 2022 that promote the integration of public-private partnerships to that, together, we can scale up Thailand's digital start-ups and help them compete in the world market."

The Executive Director of Thailand's National Innovation Agency (NIA) Pun-Arj Chairatana also said: “The NIA is glad to witness the Spark Program 2022 - Thailand's officially launched today. The NIA is willing to work together with partners including Huawei to cultivate the SME ecosystem and enable Thailand to build an ASEAN digital hub.”

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