Huawei’s SD-WAN Wins ‘ONUG Right Stuff Innovation Award’


[Shenzhen, China, October 24, 2017] At the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) Fall 2017 conference in New York, USA, Huawei’s SD-WAN solution won an ‘ONUG Right Stuff Innovation Award.’ This was achieved thanks to its innovative features including intelligent application-based full-path selection and acceleration, open service platform, and visualized cloud-based Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

Leading analysts and industrial institutions from around the world also praised Huawei’s SD-WAN solution at the conference, and the award demonstrates that it has become a benchmark for the industry.

Linda Dunbar, Technical Leader of Advanced Technology Group, Huawei Network Product Line (middle) received the award

ONUG is a customer-centric industrial organization that strategically accelerates the digital transformation of industry-leading enterprises. ONUG, together with these enterprises, promotes commercial deployment of innovative solutions based on enterprise requirements and jointly defined standards. The Right Stuff Innovation Awards are designed to promote further development of open networks by recognizing outstanding solutions providers that make significant contributions to the SDN and cloud solution fields with advanced technologies. All of the judges on the awards panel are independent industry analysts.

Huawei’s SD-WAN solution and serial universal computing gateways enable on-demand enterprise interconnections between branches, between branches and the data center, and between branches and the cloud. The SD-WAN solution also supports intelligent application-based path selection, smart acceleration, open service platforms, and visualized cloud-based O&M to provide the ultimate enterprise interconnection experience. At the ONUG Fall 2017 conference, with its SD-WAN solution and CloudApp, Huawei competed with vendors from North America for the first time. After strict evaluation tests, Huawei stood out and received praise from the judges, to win the award.

At the award ceremony, Linda Dunbar, Technical Leader of Advanced Technology Group, Huawei Network Product Line, said, "The ONUG Right Stuff Innovation Awards are the lighthouse of the IT industry. Huawei SD-WAN winning this award represents the industry's recognition of Huawei's solution. It is also an encouragement to Huawei's long-term commitment to building the ultimate experience of WAN interconnection."

Huawei enterprise network products and solutions have been widely used in more than 100 countries and regions around the world and accelerate enterprises' digital transformation based on smart IoT. To date, 197 of the Fortune Global 500 companies and 45 of the top 100 enterprises have collaborated with Huawei to implement digital transformation solutions.