Healthy and Harmonious Ecosystem

No one can reach the future alone. Huawei works with its customers, employees, local communities, and upstream and downstream partners wherever the company operates to deliver the fully connected, digital world that we have promised. In pursuit of this, Huawei is committed to building a harmonious, healthy, and trustworthy business ecosystem, and fulfilling our commitment to shared success.

For years, we have embedded the company's core values, operational responsibilities, and social responsibilities into our daily operations, aiming for healthy and sustainable development. We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to operational integrity and compliance, in order to monitor our operational activities. Sticking to our core value of customer-centricity, we care about the development and value realization of our employees, contribute to the robust development of local communities, and encourage suppliers to fulfill their responsibilities. Ultimately, we want to promote the sustainability of the supply chain.

Invested more than
billion in employee benefits
Appointed and trained compliance officers for over
community support programs around the world