Huawei Cyber Security White Paper (Oct 2013)

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Cyber security continues to be an issue of intense interest to our customers and governments, and vendors alike; it is a focus of Huawei and cyber security assurance is one of our core company strategies.

We believe it is only by working together internationally, as vendors, customers and policy and law makers will we make a substantial difference in addressing the global cyber security challenge. We also believe that we must share knowledge and understanding of what works and what doesn’t work to reduce the risk of people using technology for purposes never intended.

If there was a simple answer or a solution to the cyber security challenge it would have been found by now, and it would have been adopted. However, the sheer fact that the world continues to debate standards, laws, codes and norms tells you we are all at the early stage – we must share what works, so others can adapt and improve.

This white paper is a small contribution to our collective knowledge and we have written it to help people understand some of the policies, procedures and transformations that vendors such as Huawei are considering in relation to cyber

security. We hope you find it useful and welcome your feedback and constructive ideas on what else you believe we, and the industry in general, should be doing to improve our approach to designing, building and deploying more secure technology.

Particularly, as the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Huawei and the Chairman of the Global Cyber Security Committee of Huawei, I would like to make our company’s position clear. We can confirm that we have never received any instructions or requests from any Government or their agencies to change our positions, policies, procedures, hardware, software or employment practices or anything else, other than suggestions to improve our end-to-end cyber security capability. We can confirm that we have never been asked to provide access to our technology, or provide any data or information on any citizen or organization to any Government, or their agencies.

We confirm our company’s unswerving commitment to continuing to work with all stakeholders to enhance our capability and effectiveness in designing, developing and deploying secure technology.

We firmly believe that the world is a better place when the innovations brought about by the use of technology are maximised, they improve people’s lives, and they improve economies. Huawei will continue our open and transparent approach and responsible position to its operations and everything we do.

Ken Hu
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Huawei and
Chairman of the Huawei Global Cyber Security Committee

Huawei Cyber Security White Paper (Oct. 2013)(PDF, 6MB)

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